Chapter 186 Long awaited reunion 2

They sat on their table. Bella picked up the menu and ordered an appetizer, side dish, and main course, in total she ordered five dishes.

Amelia William took the menu and ordered six more.

“So many dishes, is there anyone else?” Bella asked curiously.

“No, I usually eat in the canteen of the military area every day. It’s not easy to come out. I’m sure I’ll have a good time. By the way, didn’t they tell us that the work of the military region would be easy?

Nonsense! They don’t have operations but have a lot of small tasks. They often start raiding in the middle of the night, I often work late, they often sent the injured soldiers, and I give them first aid in the middle of night.

The main thing are the exams, a lot of exams. I heard that doctors also have to follow soldiers on missions. I have a feeling to get into a dangerous situation. I don’t want to die.” Amelia William was worried about her life.

“Don’t worry, the doctors they will take with them must be outstanding, not a namby-pamby like you.” Bella joked.

“I also think so. That’s why Anna Wilson attend training with other soldiers. I guard the nursing room and didn’t go out.”

Amelia William liked to talk and say a lot. She talked about her former colleagues, about her college life, and about the military area.

“Did you find a boyfriend in Walem?” Amelia William asked curiously.

Bella shook her head. “I’ve experienced the best scenery even more than I could have imagined. Now it will just hurt. Some people have fate to stay alone forever. Maybe it’s my best final destination.”

Amelia William held Bella’s hand and comforted her, “Bella, you are so good. You are educated, have high IQ, a beautiful face, a good figure, and can also do housework. A goddess like you will surely find the best man.”

“I’m feeling so arrogant. How I could not see so many advantages in myself?” Bella pinched Amelia William’s nose.

“I am so happy to meet you today. Let’s have a drink, shall we?” Amelia William said coquettishly.

“Okay, it’s my treat today.”

“Forget it, don’t I know how much money you have. Waiter.” Amelia William called the waiter.

“I do discipline inspection in Walem city for a lot of money, because it’s the supervision transferred from this city, and the procuratorate cannot treat me badly. I got more than 100000 year-end awards, and lived in a six-star presidential suite.” Bella explained.

“Presidential suite, that’s good. I live in dormitories in the military area, and I also work with others. My salary for half a year is less than 100,000 yuan. I also want to be an investigation officer with you.” Amelia William shook her head and pretended to be even more depressed.

“It’s a blessing in disguise. Without trying, how can one assume that he or she can do it or not? There should be fewer regrets and more adaptations.” Bella said meaningfully.

“Yes, I’ll apply for Discipline Inspection. I just like to work with you. We can do everything together.” Amelia William clenched Bella’s hand.

Bella smiled.

The smile was light, like a spring wind, which made people feel comfortable, but there was also a kind of unspeakable sadness.

“Is it you? Are you eating here, too?” A man’s voice came.

Bella looked aside and saw the man she met on the train, Paul Watson.

“We met twice a day. What a fate.” Paul Watson smiled.

“Fate doesn’t necessarily mean a good fate.” Bella said rudely.

“Yes, as you said ‘not necessarily’. Maybe it’s good. For example, when you get off the train, I found a secret about the man that was with you.”