Chapter 180 Life is so sad 2

“I miss my bed, the playground and my monitor.”

Bella smiled and watched them dancing, singing military songs, playing together.

The next day, Vivian Denzel left early. When she heard the sound of the door closing, she opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling.

She felt as if she lost some more people. She seemed to become lonelier.

As soon as Vivian Denzel left, she went to the procuratorate to ask for leave and went home directly. Instead of taking a plane, she took a train. Because of the New Year holidays, she couldn’t buy a sleeper or a seat. She just got a standing ticket.

There were many people on the train. Big and small bags, young people, old people, young people.

Some people are staring out of the window. Some are eating instant noodles, some are eating chicken pieces, and some are resting with their eyes closed.

Some people have a happy face. Some people were talking, some people were sad, some people were using their mobile phones, and some people looked strange.

Bella was bored and thought about what they can be thinking?

What are happy people happy about?

What are sad people sad about?

Although her life was the same as it used to be. She was single again, had a job, had a friend Amelia William and a mother who was not well.

But the only difference was that she had lost her heart.

“You can sit. You have been standing for a long time.” A man stood up said to Bella.

Bella smiled. “I’m not tired. Thank you.”

“Where are you going? You don’t have much luggage, are you a student?” The man asked politely.


Bella thought about her student life.

At that time, she was diligent, bustling and poor. Every day in order to study and earn money to support herself, she went to find a better job. She had no one to rely on. She can only rely on herself.

She had a hard life, but at that time she had hope and vision for a good future.

She shook her head. “I’m not a student.”

“Oh, you work in Walem city. Now going home.” The man guessed.

Bella didn’t speak anymore. She picked up her mobile phone and started using it. The man saw that Bella didn’t want to sit down. He sat down again.

Bella scrolled her mobile phone and looked at all the contacts, but she didn’t know whom to send a message. She thought a little and wrote a message to Amelia William.

“Amelia, I am coming back by train. I will reach around 18:45. Meet me in the evening. I’ll treat you to dinner.”

Bella sent out a short message, and Amelia William immediately replied, “Okay, call me when you will arrive. I’ll meet you at the gate of the railway station.”

After looking at Amelia William’s text message, Bella smiled. Amelia William was still so passionate and unrestrained. She didn’t know what to say to Amelia William and put her phone back.

“I know fortune-telling. Do you want to know something?” The man said again.

Bella looked at the man.

Fortune telling is just a study of psychology. She also majored in psychology. Anyway, they were strangers. When they get off the train, they will forget each other.

“Well, tell something about me,” Bella said softly.

The man looked into Bella’s eyes and said, “You are a lovelorn.”

“That’s right.” Bella smiled, “you guessed accurately. A moment ago, how you guess that I am a student?”

“Because you look younger. Being a student is the best time of life. Many girls like to pretend that they are still students.” The boy explained politely.

Bella also looked at the man, looked at the man’s clothes, and whispered, “You, have a job, divorced and no children.”

The man was very surprised, “kindred spirit.”