Chapter 18 You Were Quite An Actor

Christian was too agitated to read a letter now. However, there seemed a strange voice that told him to read it.

He sighed and opened the envelope.

He took a glance at the letter paper. Yet a glance was enough to draw his attention.

There was only a sentence on the paper, “Go to see Professor Lewis at Grace Hospital, you’ll find something surprising.”

The letter was unsigned. It was a confidential letter. The sentence was completely illogical, but he took it seriously.

A series of things happened in the last few days, which put him off his guard. Life had suddenly changed its course. He couldn’t look away from where this letter guided him.

After thinking it through, Christian eventually chose to drive to the hospital alone.

He went directly to the hospital president’s office and kicked the door open without knocking first.

“Mr. North,” The big-bellied president jumped to his feet and pulled up a chair for Christian. He had no idea what Christian was here for.

“Ask Professor Lewis to come over to see me.”

The president didn’t give it much thought, and immediately asked his assistant to find Professor Lewis.

“How many Professor Lewises are there in your hospital?” Christian asked casually in the chair.

“There is only one Professor Lewis in the hospital. He is our best gynecologist.” The president made Christian a cup of tea with a smile. He assumed that Christian might plan starting a family.

“Send him in and give us some privacy.” Christian knew there was definitely something wrong about this Professor Lewis. Thus he was secretly prepared.

The president was relieved. On his way out of the office, he gave Professor Lewis a warning look.

Confused, Professor Lewis walked into the office. But he gasped when saw Christian sitting in the chair.

“Professor Lewis, please have a seat.” Putting on a gentle smile, Christian was approachable, but it was impossible to read his mind.

In a cold sweat, Professor Lewis was too nervous to speak.

“Professor Lewis, you know why I want to see you.” Christian picked up his tea and took a sip, looking very comfortable.

Professor Lewis, on the contrary, was awkward and speechless.

Professor Lewis was too jittery to soothe Christian’s doubts.

“I heard you are the most prestigious doctor in the hospital. So I guess you are very smart too.” Christian said.

“I admire someone who takes the initiative. If I had to get to the bottom of it, I would be very displeased. In that case, you will be fired.”

Christian put the cup on the table heavily. Several drops of hot tea spilt on the table. Yet his tone was icy cold.

“Not only here, you wouldn’t be able to find a job in the whole country.”

It was the last straw for Professor Lewis.

“Mr. North, the whole thing had nothing to do with me. It was Miss Jessica’s idea.” He wasn’t a fool. He knew what Christian was capable of. Rather than continuing to hide it, he might as well confess and blame it all on Jessica.

“Miss Jessica wasn’t pregnant at all. The miscarriage was fake.”

Christian was shocked and angry.

“Fake? Do you mean, the blood, the medical report, are all fake?!”Christian approached Professor Lewis. His voice was deep and angry. Professor Lewis fell to the ground in fear.

“It was all Miss Jessica’s idea.”

Christian’s eyes were red with anger. The most hated thing in his life was to be lied to.

“What else?”

Sawing how angry Christian was, Professor Lewis decided to come clean.

“And…Miss Jessica is perfectly healthy. She doesn’t have heart disease.”

After hearing Professor Lewis’ confession, Christian completely lost his head. He now felt like a clown that had been toyed around.

“Apart from these, there is nothing else…” Professor Lewis held his breath in fear. The atmosphere was extremely intense.

Christian felt sick. Professor Lewis was trembling. He snorted.

It was not the time to punish him. First of all, he must find Jessica and confront her in person!

Christian drove all the way home. He kicked the door of Jessica’s room open, and dragged her out of bed.

Jessica had never seen Christian so terrifying and rude. She instantly burst into tears.

“Christian, you are hurting me.”

Jessica’s tears brought him to his senses. He let go of her hand and sat on the couch by the bed, frowning.

“Christian, what’s going on?” Jessica’s heart sunk. She could smell an impending storm.

“Why did you lie to me?” Christian asked.

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