Chapter 18 What do you mean?

After an operation, she went back to her office.

James Grayson had been standing quietly against the wall outside her office.

Bella was slightly surprised to see him. According to the position he has the dean should have come to the door to receive him. Why is he standing at her door?

Bella walked up to him and looked at the bandage on his arm which was poorly folded and stacked together. “Doctors in your military didn’t seem very professional.”

He looked at her.

Actually the nurses in the military area become absent-minded when they saw this handsome man, so they forget how to deal with things.

He looked at her lips and his eyes darkened. The wound on her lips clearly shows that someone had bitten her.

He rubbed her lip as if to help her wipe something.

There was some numbness in the place he had rubbed.

Bella was shocked. She stepped back.

He raised his eyes, “What’s happened here?”

“By accident. It’s no big deal.” Bella said modestly. She passed by him and went into the office.

She lowered her head and took out the gauze providence-iodine from the drawer and changed the topic, “Let me bandage you again.”

He sat opposite her desk with his arms resting on it.

Bella gently untied the old bandage carefully and changed it with a new neat one, and instructed him as doctors do, “Do not touch the water, if the wound infected, you will have a fever.”

He didn’t listen to what she said. He frowned and looked the scars on her mouth.

When he looked closely, he saw that her face was slightly swollen.

“You were beaten?” James Grayson speculated.

Bella paused, her eyes were full of sadness, she whispered, “For the last time. It will over soon.”

“What do you mean?” James Grayson didn’t understand.

Bella shook her head and said nothing.

James Grayson did not look at her. He was angry with himself.

He looked at Bella stood up moves towards the door and said, “Come on, Thomas Brown is waiting outside.”

What he said was a statement, and he doesn’t like to tolerate any refusal.

Bella followed her.

In the parking lot.

His car was replaced by a private Rolls-Royce.

Thomas Brown opened the door for them and said to Bella, “It seems Doctor Bella was very busy. The chiefs had been waiting for you for two hours.”

“Ah.” She was embarrassed and explained, “I’m sorry I was in the operation.”

“It’s not your fault. I didn’t inform you before I come.” James Grayson said ruthlessly and sat in the back seat.

Bella sat next to him.

He is tall and has long legs. Many times his legs touched her knee.

Bella was a little embarrassed and asked James Grayson, “Where are we going now?”

“The Moon International, after dinner we will do some shopping.” James Grayson said, looked at her and inadvertently asked, “What do you like to eat? Chinese food or Western food?”

“I know a good restaurant there. I’ll pay. How’s that?” Bella said with a smile.

James Grayson did not speak.

After a moment they reached a French restaurant on the fifth floor of the Moon International.

Thomas Brown disappeared as he did not want to play gooseberry.

The waiter came over and gave the menu to James Grayson and Bella. He politely poured lemon tea for them.

“I want a French platter and fresh watermelon juice.” Bella handed back the menu to the waiter.

“I will have the same.” James Grayson said lightly and handed over the menu.

“Have you caught the gunman?” Bella asked, still palpitating at the thought of that scene.

“It’s obviously a premeditated attack. The motorcycle didn’t come out after he entered a cave. When we arrived, the motorcycle was still there, but the people had disappeared.” James Grayson explained.

His voice was as deep as that of a cello.

“Is your job dangerous? I see other people always have escorts. But you always deal with everything alone.” Bella asked.

He smiled, and his smile was beautiful, and his eyes were like a waving lake. “Do you care about me?”

“I have experienced that kind of incidents two times with you, it seems difficult to not think about you.” Bella said casually while taking a sip of lemon tea.

James Grayson’s eyes softened a little, he explained, “The identity and appearance of Special Forces are confidential, except that specific people know us and I do not like a lot of people to follow me, I like to live freely.”

“I don’t expect that you…” Bella could not think of an appropriate adjective and hesitated for a moment, “Actually, It also doesn’t go with your image.”

“Do you want to say I’m unruly or rebellious?”

Bella felt that she had made a mistake. “Those who advocate freedom are worth yearning for.”

She touched her cup. “Tea as wine.”

James Grayson also had tea.

When he was not at work, he was not so cool and makes people feel good.

The waiter served the meal, appetizers, steaks, wine, and vegetable salad.

“Do you have any interest in trying out the special department of the Military Region, which recruits doctors?” He picked up the glass elegantly, took a sip, and put it down gently.

“Are there pregnant women cases in your special forces? My specialty doesn’t seem to fit there.” She smiled, took a sip of red wine.

James Grayson bowed his head and gracefully cut the steak on the plate. “Because there was no gynecologist, the dangerous task fell on common people’s head.”

“This kind of incident happens once in ten years. If I joined there, ten years later, I might forget how to operate.” Bella said.

“Obstetricians and gynecologists can dress wounds, can give emergency treatment, such as taking bullets, medication, this is not an idle job may be busier than ordinary doctors.” James Grayson glanced at her.

Because he wanted her to come…

“Actually I am busy, I cannot join. In fact, I prefer to relax.” Bella said with a laugh.

James Grayson, “…”

He was somewhat disappointed that she did not agree.

“What a coincidence.” Anna Wilson’s voice sounded.

She came at their table, stared at Bella in disgust and looked at James Grayson’s face.

James Grayson gave no response to her. He bowed his head keep eating the steak completely ignored the woman.

Anna Wilson gritted his teeth and said triumphantly, “James Grayson, I want to tell you a good news. I am a doctor specially recruited by the Special Services Department and I will cooperate with you in the future.”

James Grayson twisted his eyebrows and looked at Anna Wilson indifferently. “You come there or not, still need my approval. I don’t want to see u there. So you can’t join there.”

Anna Wilson raised her mouth. “You know what you’re saying. Uncle Gray has approved it and sent it directly to me.”

“So what?” James Grayson’s voice was cold.

“So…” Anna Wilson looked at Bella and arrogantly said, “I will not let him go away, there is nothing in the world that cannot be achieved, and there are just people who don’t work hard enough to achieve their dream.”