Chapter 18 Onions juice shot into her eyes

Before she could speak, she immediately pressed her hand to her mouth, feeling a pang of remorse.

Why did she say that?

Sure enough, Vanessa looked up at William and found his deep eyes.

Vanessa turned away her head. “Well, come on, I’ll wash vegetables!” She ran away hurriedly. She dared not stay any longer.

The farmer used an old stove that needed wood. After a little research, John learned how to do it. He helped Vanessa with the cooking.

Vanessa smiled, but the corner of her eyes saw something hurt. As William scraped fish scales, Angie crouched beside him, not knowing what to say. Then she kissed Vanessa’s lips.

If it hadn’t been for Angie’s pleas, the man probably wouldn’t have started cooking.

“Oh dear! “Vanessa didn’t notice. As she cut the onion, the juice shot into her eyes. It was so hot; she closed her eyes reflexively. “John, onion juice shot into my eyes. Get me a paper towel.”

After waiting for a long time without response, Vanessa couldn’t help shouting, “John, please…”

With the sound of footsteps coming from far away, Vanessa seemed to smell the unique smell of William. In a panic, Vanessa could not help retreating. As a result, she accidentally hit a small bench and fell backwards.

At the critical moment, a big hand firmly supported her waist.

Vanessa was embarrassed. She was stiffed when William take her to wash towel. She bowed her head when he helped her to wash her eyes gently.

“Better?” His voice was always so deep that it could easily touch people’s heartstrings. Vanessa felt his burning breath spray on her earlobes.

Vanessa pushed the man away, wiped her eyes with her dress, and said with assumed composure, “It’s all right, thanks.”

“Vanessa.” Her voice was strained and she tried to pull him back. Vanessa steered clear and hurried out, as if she didn’t want to talk to him anymore.

As she watched her leave, William’s face gradually darkened and he felt a little upset.

The sumptuous lunch let Angie shout loudly, and took mobile phone out to take pictures, saying proudly: “I have such a boyfriend who can cook , so I must take out to let others envy, hum!”

John said and glanced at her, “My girlfriend did most of it. How do you like that?”

“Why?” Angie rolls her eyes at him and says, “John, I’m telling you, Vanessa is my best friend first, and then your girlfriend! If you annoy me, do you believe I will let you two part?”

“I dare not.” John seemed to be afraid of her, begged for mercy with a smile: ” For the sake of my chasing after Vanessa for a few years, and it is very difficult for us to be together, please let me go, I know my mistakes.”

However, William suddenly looked at John and asked him, “How long have you been chasing Vanessa?”

Vanessa is so nervous that she doesn’t know what William is going to do. She tugged at John’s clothes in private. John looked back at her, smiled, and held her hand.

“After Vanessa rejected me, I always thought she had a crush on someone. I never thought Vanessa said she only liked me for so many years, but she was too embarrassed to open her mouth.”

William took one look at Vanessa, with a half-smile on her face. “Really?”