Chapter 179 Life is so sad 1

Vivian Denzel felt sad. “If the chief asked us to continue our mission, we will apply for you to be our head.”

“If you ask me to lead you, it will only drag you down. If you ask for James Grayson’s leadership, you can do it easily. He is vigorous and has many contacts. The main point is his position. Your work will become easy with his help. This is the end of this matter. We will have dinner together in the evening.” Bella turned to the procuratorate.

At the door, she met James Grayson. She bowed her head and stood aside.

James Grayson left with a group of soldiers. She didn’t look at him as he didn’t look at her, she turned around and went back to her office.



Vivian Denzel called everyone, and they gathered in a secret gathering place to eat.

Bella and Vivian Denzel was the chef for the night. Others bought beer, shelled peanuts, pork meat, chicken, fried fish, marinated chicken wings, beef, etc.

They drank first and chatted enthusiastically. Everyone was very happy, together they were abandoned and now they will go back together.

Bella served hot dishes.

“Officer Bella, you got the skills. Whoever marries you, will be lucky.” A soldier joked.

Bella smiled. “This kind of thing depends on fate. When fate comes, it can’t be stopped. If fate doesn’t have it, it can’t happen.”

“Haha, maybe Officer Bella is right. In fact, I think it’s better to find a person who wants to be with you. If we demand too much we can’t find one.” Another soldier said.

“It makes sense.” Bella agreed.

“What are you talking about? You want to find someone like Bella, but someone like Bella will also want to find a good one.” Vivian Denzel came up and shouted.

“Haha, I just want to see if I have a chance?” The soldier smiled guiltily.

“You lazy toad wants to eat swan meat. You are day-dreaming.” Vivian Denzel helped Bella and stopped them directly.

“Vivian Denzel, what do you think about us?”



Bella watched them playing and teasing each other, and her eyes were soft.

The light above her head fell in her eyes and sparkled her face. She found that people can be happy if they had low aims and can easily be satisfied.

In fact, she also didn’t have high requirements. She just wanted a family, a husband who loves her and a child who belongs to them. She never wished for big fortune and big money. She just wanted a simple, plain and warm life.

However, it seemed that this wish has become extravagant.

She was not dissatisfied but did not know what else she wanted. Maybe she was the saddest person. She had no desires and no demands.

During the meal.

Vivian Denzel’s cell phone rang. She saw a strange number and answered it.

Bella looked at Vivian Denzel.

Vivian Denzel’s face was excited, but her eyes were misty. “Yes, I am, I am the person in charge of the mission. Yes, they followed me. I will come back tomorrow to report. Thank you for the concern of the organization. I will try my best.”

When Vivian Denzel was answering the phone, there was pin-drop silence, even their breath was clearly audible.

Vivian Denzel hung up the phone and excitedly spoke to the comrades in, “they have found our data and have recovered our files. We can go back and report tomorrow.”

“Oh, great, great.”

“I’m back at last. I can do great things again.”