Chapter 178 What is our relationship 2

“Where are those people now?” James Grayson snapped.

“In my opinion, you should not believe it. I think it’s better for you to check the confidential archives. They are waiting for your call.” Bella’s eyes turned a little red, she lowered her eyelashes to hide the fluctuation in them.

What is life!

People work hard to achieve things, but when they don’t get it, they felt aggrieved and desperate. It must be better to not do anything at all.

Bella left the director’s office. Vivian Denzel took Bella to the courtyard behind the procuratorate and asked in a low voice, “Bella, the person who came to see you today is Chief Grayson?”

“Yes, James Grayson.”

“Did you tell him about us?” Vivian Denzel worriedly held Bella’s hand.

“Yes I told him, he will check the confidential archives and will contact you.” Bella looked at Vivian Denzel.

Vivian Denzel smiled. “It’s so good, we can finally return to our organization. Fortunately, we haven’t given up.”

Bella’s eyes were covered with water mist. “Vivian Denzel, what do you think about the relationship between James Grayson and me?”

Vivian Denzel said frankly, “you are boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Tears came out of Bella’s eyes.

Bella thought of the lyrics, “I will feel sad after thinking about you because I once loved you so much.”

She saw indifference, alienation, and strangeness in James Grayson’s eyes.

He even didn’t have her in his eyes. It will be foolish to think about his heart…

James Grayson was living a good life, with no distractions and a clear pathway. This kind of thing will just annoy him.

If he didn’t have any love for her, she will also forget him.

She didn’t need his pity and sympathy.

“Vivian, remember that James Grayson and I are not boyfriend and girlfriend. We used to have several connections and complete tasks together. That’s all.” Bella explained.

Vivian Denzel looked into Bella’s red eyes.

“The chief forgot you but gives you a chance. He will fall in love with you again, don’t be sad.” Vivian Denzel said with relief.

“It is good that he forgot me and let me go. He and I are people from different worlds. We just crossed the line. Later, we will only go further and further away. If James Grayson asks about the relationship between you and me, you can follow what I said.

I think he will contact you soon after finding your information in the confidential archives. And after that, he may transfer you. Tonight, I invite everyone to have a meal, as a New Year’s Eve dinner, and as a celebration for your rejoining.” Bella said calmly

She pretended that she wasn’t hurt.

Vivian Denzel felt sad. “What will you do if we will go back?”

“Ignorant people are fearless. Those who don’t understand much, speak rashly.

I thought if I will solve the big case of Athens village, I would step up to the top of the mountain and my life will change. But only novels and TV shows have these things. Where people win from dangerous things and can turn bad into good.

I coveted what I shouldn’t covet, I challenged what I shouldn’t challenge, and it has been proved that my ability was insufficient and my ambition was foolish. I will go back to my life and do what I should do. Don’t worry. Each person has his own life.” Bella said lightly.

There was incomprehensible darkness in her eyes. She seemed to be cut off and detached from this mundane world.