Chapter 176 See You, James Grayson II

Three nights before the holiday, the director invited everyone to dinner. Bella’s inaction in the past six months was the best action for the director.

“Officer Bella, will you come back after the new year?” The director asked tentatively.

“Yes, I will come back. As for when I will be transferred back, it depends on the arrangement above. I must be back soon.” Bella said with a smile.

“You are very serious and responsible. If it wasn’t for you to be sent to supervise, I have asked you to join our bureau.” The chief complimented.

Bella smiled. “We both should take good care of ourselves.”

Because she was in a bad mood, she drank a lot tonight. After half of the meal, Bella went out to breathe. When she went to the wishing tree, she looked at the wooden cards hanging on the tree. The wooden cards that she and James Grayson wrote were already lost in other wooden cards.

She thought about the past maybe a little bit naive.

The more beautiful the promise, the more sorrowful it becomes.

She wanted to find her own wooden card to take it out and throw it away.

But there were so many wooden cards that she was totally submerged in them.

“Go ahead. Don’t let anyone come. I want to be alone.” A familiar voice sounded.

Bella looked at James Grayson standing in front of the tree.

His face was calm, his eyes were sharp and he looked at the sight of the wooden plate, in addition to the coldness, there was ruthlessness, as well as, indifference.

“Who is there?” James Grayson noticed that there must be someone behind the tree.

Bella was surprised to see him here. She relaxed her mind and walked out. She explained, “I have hung a wooden plate on it before. I want to take it back.”

James Grayson waved his hand and didn’t even look at her.

Bella’s heart sank down.

He really didn’t know her. He didn’t even remember her.

Her mind was blank and she walked out slowly. Her feet became so heavy that can’t lift them. Her heart was unwilling. When she came to the door, she turned around and looked back at James Grayson.

James Grayson wrote on a wooden card and hung it on the tree. He wrote, “Scarlett, I miss you so much.”

Bella felt as a knife stabbed heavily into her heart. She didn’t even have room to breathe. She stumbled back, grasped the door frame and supported herself. Her eyes got filled with tears, rolling down from the corner of the eye, and looking at James Grayson in the blurred vision.

The betrayal made her feel furious and angry.

But the betrayal from a heart that once loved made a person hysterical.

It was so painful, that she wanted to escape quickly. Bella rushed out of the moon tower and stumbled. She didn’t know what she had done was wrong.

Falling in love with David Wilson, thinking to live a good life with him, but he never cherished her.

Falling in love with James Grayson, ignoring difficulties, but even she had no chance to do it.

She just wished to have a family, a place where she can go back.

Why God gave her so much disappointment.

Did God wanna take her away?

Bella looked at the car passing by. She rushed to the road in front of a car. The car turned the steering wheel and passed by her. Other cars deliberately avoided hitting her.

She looked all around in a daze.

Tears flowed down. She wanted to drain all blood from her heart, so, that she will not be hurt again so that she will not suffer the despair of life.

She recovered some senses. Even if she wanted to die, she can’t harm others. She pressed her emotions down, took steps carefully and walked back to the hotel. She didn’t know how she came back. She just lay on the bed. Her eyes were opened and she was staring at the empty room.

She didn’t want to think about it but her heart was still aching.