Chapter 175 See You, James Grayson I

Bella had never thought about this.

If she takes her child to James Grayson, will James Grayson accept them? And what about James Grayson’s parents?

James Grayson didn’t remember her. Maybe he will dislike her. If they don’t accept her, what should she do. Her mind was blanked.

She couldn’t answer him.

David Wilson sneered, stood up, and said coldly, “Don’t worry, I haven’t find your child, so it’s absolutely impossible for you to be in a relationship with James Grayson.”

David Wilson turned around and walked toward the door.

Bella looked at David Wilson’s back.

Bella thought that David Wilson should have found her child, but he was not willing to tell her. Maybe he won’t hurt her child?

Bella’s eyes flashed a panic, and she said anxiously, “If you find my child, I will marry you and will not go to James Grayson. Even if the child is mine and James Grayson’s but now he will not accept him.”

David Wilson turned around and looked at Bella in a profound way. He raised his lips and said, “I’ll try my best to find it. I hope you don’t break your promise.”

David Wilson opened the door and went out. Bella leaned on the sofa and closed her eyes.

Where is the child?

Her mobile phone rang, it was Amelia William’s call, and there’s a trace of warmth from a distant friend.

She answered the phone.

“Bella, when you will come back for the New Year?” Amelia William seemed to have a cold. Her voice was buzzing. Bella didn’t plan to go back, but her friends, her mother were in that city. She should go back for a visit.

“I have a little work, as I got off I’ll come back and treat you meal.” Bella said softly, “Amelia, I miss you.”

“I miss you too. By the way, I am now a doctor in the special military region. Yesterday, I met James Grayson. Why did he behave like he doesn’t know me?” Amelia William was surprised.

“Amelia, he and I are a thing of the past. Don’t mention me in front of him.” Bella explained.

“I also want to have a chance to see him. He is a lieutenant general now. He has so many meetings every day. I just can see him when he speaks on the stage. Even after getting off the stage, I met him on the road. But there are so many rules in the military region that we can’t go close to him. There are always so many people around him.” Amelia William said helplessly.

“Is he OK now?” Bella couldn’t stop herself asking.

“He is very good. He completed a mission successfully and was seriously injured. After the injury, he stayed in the hospital. His brain got damaged in the injury.” Amelia William guessed.

“Right, he must be very good. He has returned to the right track of life, and I have also returned to the right track of life.” Bella said lightly.

However, she still loved him much.

“Contact me after coming back. I have a lot to tell you. I can’t wait to see you.” Amelia William said and hung up first.

Bella lay down on the sofa, held herself with both hands. Inexplicably, her nose was sour and astringent, and she felt empty as an important part of her heart has been lost.