Chapter 174 I have found your and James Grayson’s child 2

“Yes. Officer Bella, are you going home for celebrating the New Year?” Vivian Denzel asked with concern.

Bella paused and shook her head. “Ask others to not work too hard. They should go home for the New Year and have a reunion with their families.”

“Um.” Vivian Denzel responded and went out to do some work.

Bella went to the balcony and looked up to the sky.

The night was cold and bright, the moon was glowing and the cold wind blew through the skin. Her face was almost numb with cold.

What James Grayson will be doing now?


Or having a reunion dinner with his family?

Knock on the door

Bella went back to the room and looked out from the peephole. There was a waiter with a bunch of roses in his hand. Bella suspiciously opened the door.

David Wilson came over in front of her from the side and said with a smile, “Bella, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

“Better to not see each other.” Bella closed the door coldly.

David Wilson pushed the door, “I have news regarding James Grayson. Don’t you want to hear it?”

“No, I don’t want to. I’m going to have a rest, and my roommate should be back soon, please forgive me for not being able to entertain you.” Bella said decidedly.

“James Grayson’s memory is restored.” David Wilson said.

Bella looked at David Wilson.

“Back five or six years ago, till the day of Scarlett Evan’s accident, do you know what it means?” David Wilson smiled.

His smile was cold and sharp like ice blades.

Bella didn’t want to listen. She wanted to close the door but she couldn’t fight with this man. She turned around and David Wilson came in.

“This means that the most painful thing for him is not to be separated from you, but to be separated from Scarlett Evan.” David Wilson spoke again.

“Have you said enough?” Bella was impatient.

“I don’t know if it’s your good luck or bad luck, he refused to marry Anna Wilson and immersed again in the pain of losing Scarlett Evan.” David Wilson said bitterly.

“David Wilson, you said that it will be impossible for James Grayson and me to be together. I just woken up from a dream. From now on, I don’t want to listen to his affairs, whether good or bad, it has nothing to do with me.” Bella turned away her face and sat on the sofa.

David Wilson looked at her, his eyes were softened and sat opposite to her, “You will celebrate new year at home?”

“That’s not my home. I just went there to get some help for my future work.”

“You don’t have to rely on Richard Johnson, but there are ways to make the work easier. For example, continue to be my wife? I promise you. I will help you in thick and thin. Why did you want to bury yourself in this remote place?”

Bella was amused to hear David Wilson’s words.

“David Wilson, are you in love with me?” Bella asked.

David Wilson’s eyes sank. “After our divorce, I didn’t touch any other women. I want to compensate for what I owed you in the past. This time, I’m telling you the truth. I swear in the name of my father.”

Bella was very calm, “David Wilson, find a woman to live a good life, have a child of your own, enjoy the happiness of family, I am not suitable for you, and I will no longer believe in love. In this life, I just want to be alone.”

“What if I said, I found your child?” David Wilson said and noticed Bella’s expression.

Bella stood up in shock and asked several questions in a row, “Have you found my child? Where is my child? How is he now?”

“That’s yours and James Grayson’s child. When you find the child, will, you take the child to James Grayson?” David Wilson asked.

Chapter 175 Meet James Grayson again 1

Bella had never thought about this.

If she takes her child and goes to James Grayson. James Grayson will recognize them? James Grayson’s parents will recognize them?

James Grayson didn’t remember her. Maybe he will dislike her. If they didn’t recognize her, how she will deal with them. Her mind was blanked.

She couldn’t answer him.

David Wilson sneered, stood up, and said coldly, “Don’t worry, I haven’t found your child, so it’s absolutely impossible for you to follow James Grayson.”

David Wilson turned around and walked toward the door.

Bella looked at David Wilson’s back.

Bella thought that David Wilson should have found her child, but he was not willing to tell her. If he hurt her child?

Bella’s eyes flashed a panic, and she said anxiously, “If you find my child, I will marry you and will not go to James Grayson. Even if that child is mine and James Grayson’s but now he will not recognize this child, nor does his family.”

David Wilson turned around and looked at Bella in a profound way. He raised his lips and said, “I’ll try my best to find it. I hope you don’t break your promise.”

David Wilson opened the door and went out. Bella leaned on the sofa and closed her eyes.

Where is her and James Grayson’s child?

Her mobile phone rang, it was Amelia William’s call, and cold heart felt a trace of warmth from a distant friend.

She answered the phone.

“Bella, when you will come back for the New Year?” Amelia William seemed to have a cold. Her voice was buzzing. Bella didn’t plan to go back, but that city has her friends, her mother. She should go back to have a look.

“I have a little work, as I got off I’ll come back and invite you to dinner.” Bella said softly, “Amelia, I miss you.”

“I miss you too. By the way, I am now a doctor in the special military region. Yesterday, I met James Grayson. Why did he behave like he doesn’t know me?” Amelia William was surprised.

“Amelia, he and I are a thing of the past. Don’t mention me in front of him.” Bella explained.

“I also want to have a chance to see him. He is a lieutenant general now. He has so many meetings every day. I want to see him when he speaks on the stage. Even after getting off the stage, I met him on the road. But there are so many rules in the military region that we can’t go close to him. There are always so many people around him.” Amelia William said helplessly.

“Is he OK now?” Bella couldn’t stop herself asking.

“He is very good. He completed a mission successfully and was seriously injured. After the injury, he stayed in the hospital. His brain got damaged in the injury.” Amelia William guessed.

“Right, he must be very good. He has returned to the right track of life, and I have also returned to the right track of life.” Bella said lightly.

Although she has left her heart by his side.

“Contact me after coming back. I have a lot to tell you. I can’t wait to see you.” Amelia William said and hung up first.

Bella lay down on the sofa, held herself with both hands. Inexplicably, her nose was sour and astringent, and she felt empty as an important part of her heart has been lost.

Three nights before the holiday, the director invited everyone to dinner. Bella’s inaction in the past six months was the best action for the director.

“Officer Bella, will you come back after the new year?” The director asked tentatively.

“Yes, I will come back. As for when I will be transferred back, it depends on the arrangement of my leader. I may go back soon.” Bella said with a smile.

Chapter 176 Meet James Grayson again 2

“Officer Bella is still very serious and responsible. If it wasn’t for you to be sent to supervise, I have asked you to join our bureau.” The chief complimented.

Bella smiled. “Let’s work hard together.”

Because she was in a bad mood, she drank a lot tonight. After half of the meal, Bella went out to breathe. When she went to the wishing tree, she looked at the wooden cards hanging on the tree. The wooden cards she and James Grayson wrote were already lost in other wooden cards.

She thought about the past.

The more beautiful the promise, the more sorrowful it becomes.

She wanted to find her own wooden card to take it out and throw it away.

But there were so many wooden cards that she was totally submerged in them.

“Go ahead. Don’t let anyone come. I want to be alone.” A familiar voice sounded.

Bella looked at James Grayson standing in front of the tree.

His face was calm, his eyes were sharp and he looked at the sight of the wooden plate, in addition to the coldness, there was ruthlessness, as well as, indifference.

“Who is there?” James Grayson realized that there must be someone behind the tree.

Bella was surprised to see him here. She relaxed her mind and walked out. She explained, “I hung a wooden plate on it before. I want to take it back.”

James Grayson waved his hand and didn’t even look at her.

Bella’s heart sank down.

He really didn’t know her. He didn’t even remember her.

Her mind was blank and she walked out slowly. Her feet became so heavy that can’t lift them. Her heart was unwilling. When she came to the door, she turned around and looked back at James Grayson.

James Grayson wrote on a wooden card and hung it on the tree. He wrote, “Scarlett, I miss you so much.”

Bella felt as a knife stabbed heavily into her heart. She didn’t even have room to breathe. She stumbled back, grasped the door frame and supported herself. Her eyes got filled with water, rolling down from the corner of the eye, and looking at James Grayson in the blurred vision.

The betrayal from a human-made people feel furious and angry.

But the betrayal from a heart that once loved made a person hysterical.

It was so painful, that she wanted to escape quickly. Bella rushed out of the moon tower and stumbled. She didn’t know what she had done was more wrong.

Fall in love with David Wilson wants to live a good life with him, but he never cherished her.

Fall in love with James Grayson wanted to pursue justice with no second thoughts, but even she had no right to do it.

She just wished to have a home, a place where she can go back.

Why God gave her so much.

He didn’t want to let her live?

Bella looked at the car passing by. She rushed to the road in front of a car. The car turned the steering wheel and passed by her. Other cars deliberately avoided her.

She looked all around in a daze.

Tears flowed down. She wanted to drain all blood from her heart, so, that she will not be hurt again so that she will not feel the despair of life.

She recovered some senses. Even if she wanted to die, she can’t harm others. She pressed her emotions down, took steps carefully and walked back to the hotel. She didn’t know how she came back. She just lay on the bed. Her eyes were opened and she was staring at the empty room.

She didn’t want to think about it but her heart was still aching.