Chapter 173 I have found your and James Grayson’s child 1

“What she said?” Vivian Denzel asked worriedly.

“She says that the secret agencies of every national organization is different. James Grayson’s military region and his father don’t know where they are. Only the person in charge knew about it. She agreed to give one person a million, as compensation.” Bella said.

“Does that mean we can’t go back all our lives?” Vivian Denzel tightened his brow.

“If one day James Grayson restores his memory, you can go back. Or, if you re-enter the military region, I believe that with your excellence, you will surely succeed again.” Bella advised.

Vivian Denzel lowered her eyes. She was able and strong enough to conquer every obstacle. But for a moment, she was depressed. “I will discuss with others.”

“Good luck for your future.” Said Bella apologetically. This thing happened to them because of her. She was upset, but she was also helpless.

As a soldier, honor is the most important thing.

Their efforts that they had done for the country, in a moment everything had been denied. If she put herself in their place and thought again, she could feel how hard it must be for them.

Bella closed the door and lay down on the bed but couldn’t fell asleep.

Next day morning

Bella got up, brushed her teeth, washed and opened the door. Vivian Denzel was standing at the door with six soldiers.

Bella was frightened, she looked at Vivian Denzel, “What’s the matter?”

“We had a meeting last night, and we made a decision. Our task was to find out the person behind the massacre of Athens village. But the task has not been completed, and we want to continue. The chief has forgotten us for the time being. Now, we will follow your instructions.” Vivian Denzel spoke on behalf of everyone.

Bella’s eyes swept everyone’s face. There were no expressions on their faces, and they just stared at her.

It’s a terrible thing to lose one’s life goal.

She couldn’t refuse.

“We will work together.” Bella smiled.

“We are not afraid of hard work, suffering, bleeding. We will move towards our goal firmly.” Seven soldiers said in harmony.

Bella felt that the blood in her body was boiling. In just half a month, she finally found her way forward. These days, Bella felt like a walking corpse.

James Grayson may forget her and these comrades forever, but they will not forget their responsibilities. And she should be responsible for them.

Life started again!

James Grayson left her life completely. They also have no chance and possibility to meet him. Due to the secrecy of James Grayson’s work, she didn’t hear any news from his side.


At the end of the year.

After a long period of monitoring and tracking, they finally found the lover of Steven Maxwell, Julia Mark. She was the younger sister of the CEO of Star Contractors construction company, and the manager of Star Contractors Construction Company was also the younger brother of this woman.

“Inspector Bella, now we have conclusive evidence to prove that the manager of the construction company has something to do with the person who smuggles antiques, and we also have evidence to prove that Steven Maxwell and Julia Mark have a relationship. Do you want to take action?” Vivian Denzel asked cautiously.

“Steven Maxwell sold the land to Star Contractors Construction Company at a normal price, and Star Contractors Construction Company excavated cultural relics for smuggling and selling. This behavior was not directly related to Steven Maxwell.

Steven Maxwell’s record is clean. It’s not easy to prove that they did those things just because of his relationship with Julia Mark. If we raided and did not find Steven Maxwell’s vault, we would alert the real enemy. For the time being, send the photos of Steven Maxwell and Julia Mark to Steven Maxwell’s wife and continue to monitor.” Bella said.