Chapter 170 A bolt from the blue 2

“I’ll get ready.” James Grayson turned around, entered the bathroom, brushed his teeth, washed his face, and changed his clothes. He took a deep look at Bella and went out.

Bella knew that he was going to meet their boss. He was in a more dangerous situation than her. When his task will be finished, she can leave. But if something went wrong, she’ll be in danger.

Time passed, minute by minute, and but her nerves did not relax for a moment.

Three hours later,

Thump! Thump! Thump!

She heard a series of explosions.

Walter rushed into the room and untied Bella.

“What happened?” Bella asked worriedly.

“Come with me.” Walter said, pulled Bella and ran outside.

Bella looked at Walter face and said, “What happened? Where is James Grayson? Has he finished the task?”

“Don’t ask. It’s not something you should know. We have to get out of here.” Walter said coldly.

Bella took out her hand and asks defensively, “Where is James Grayson? How is he?”

“I don’t know. I just got the order to take you away immediately. The chief has left. I will contact you again. Please follow me quickly. Don’t delay.” Walter said seriously.

Bella thought about it. If the bald-headed caught her here it will also create trouble for James Grayson. She quickly followed Walter and sat into Walter’s car. Walter drove back to Walem city.

Bella held the mobile phone tightly and waited for James’s call. It has been more than three hours and she had reached the Walem city, but James Grayson had not called.

She had a bad hunch!

Normally after an hour of explosion, James Grayson must be safe and should have completed the task. But he hadn’t contacted her, she felt as if something bad had happened.

“Can you contact your colleagues? I want to know about James Grayson.” Bella worriedly asked Walter.

Walter didn’t respond. Bella got angry and called James Grayson.

“Sorry, the dialed number is powered off.”

Bella felt helpless. “Please ask me. I’m worried about James’s safety. If some reassure that he’s safe, I won’t disturb you again.”

Walter glanced at Bella and said coldly, “This is a military secret, do not inquire, the chief will contact you himself.”

Bella knew it will be of no use to ask again. She looked out of the window worriedly.

Walter dropped Bella to the door of the hotel and left. Bella went back to the room and saw Vivian Denzel.

Vivian Denzel noticed Bella’s wrinkled clothes and asked anxiously, “What happened?”

Bella saw some hope and held Vivian Denzel’s shoulder. “Can you contact James Grayson now?”

“I’ll try.” Vivian Denzel saw that Bella looked worried and called out.

Bella looked at Vivian Denzel nervously.

“There is no answer from his side. It can be inconvenient for the chief to answer. He may be in a meeting or carrying out a task.” Vivian Denzel said.

“Meeting? He knew that I would worry about him. If the task had been completed successfully, he would have told me. It’s more than three hours since the explosion. How can the task not complete yet?” Bella said to herself.

“I’ll ask my comrades. Don’t worry.” Vivian Denzel said to Bella, but she was also worried. She tried to know about the chief.

However, there was no news about him. No one knew anything.