Chapter 17 Showing love early in the morning

An hour and a half later, they arrived at farmhouse.

Angie called and booked an old couple. They came out to greet Vanessa and others with a smile. They lived in a two-story tiled house. Several rooms on the second floor were kept clean for them to choose from

The village is next to a big mountain, and the land under the mountain are covered by villagers to plant fruit trees. Watermelon and peach are almost ripe in this season, and visitors can pick and eat them at will.

“Wow, what a paradise!” The new places and fresh air make Angie excited. “Melbourne is fun, but it doesn’t have spirit. It’s not like there.

Vanessa smiled. “I’m afraid you won’t notice if you stay here a few more days.”

“I’ll stay as long as William is here!” Angie hummed, and Vanessa stiffened with the endearment and lowered her head to hide the loss in her eyes.

Angie went upstairs to change her clothes and said that she wanted to have some fish for lunch. She took William to the fish pond and invited Vanessa and John to go fishing. Vanessa had to go.

Next to the fish pond is a watermelon field, and the flesh of watermelon is golden, much tastier than red meat.

John fixed the fishing rod in place, went to the melon field and picked out a small one. With a flick of his Swiss knife, he opened it.

Vanessa took a bite and nodded with a smile. “Well, it’s sweet.”

“Is that so? I’ll try it.” With that, John lowered his head and took a bite out of Vanessa’s watermelon. Vanessa stared at him, a little at a loss.

“You are so out of line, showing your love so early in the morning?” Angie screamed and was very angry.

John laughed at her and said, “You wanted to see it yourself. Who’s to blame? Besides, we didn’t say we wouldn’t let you show your love to William.”

Vanessa pursed her lips and caught a glimpse of William looking at her, ignoring the others. Vanessa was so scared that she missed a beat of her heart and quickly bowed her head and squeezed half of the watermelon in her hand.

Why did he look at her like that? What did he mean?

Angie hummed twice, not to be outdone, she showed love with William. Hearing the sound such as ‘sweet and darling’, Vanessa’s brows jumped up and down, which made her feel even worse.

Angie said, “John, the one who knows the least fishing has to do the dishes!”

John didn’t like it and laughed at her; “My girlfriend does all the food these days. Do you think it’s all right if you catch two fish? You can’t come to the table without washing the dishes.”

“William, see how he bullies!” Angie wrapped her arms around William’s neck and pouted her lips to talk to him. “You must rub his spirit in the kitchen later. He is so arrogant as a man who can’t cook.”

William peeked at John and said. “Ok.”

They caught a lot of fish. William caught a big grass carp and Angie was so happy that she despised John.

When Vanessa got home, she took all the food to the kitchen and filled the basin with water and put all the fish in it, so as to ensure that the fish would live for two more days. As soon as she came out with a kitchen knife to kill the fish, she saw William coming to kitchen

“I’ll do it, and you’ll do something else.” William said.

“Nothing.” Vanessa put the kitchen knife on the grindstone and the words came out of her mouth smoothly: “You hate the smell of fish. It’s not good if you get covered in it later. Besides, it’s not my first time to kill fish…”