Chapter 17 Ran away without hesitation

The bullet passed James Grayson’s arm.

Thomas Brown stopped the car in a hurry and the motorcycle driver ran away.

“Chief, are you all right?” Thomas Brown took out the pistol which was placed on the car and aimed it at the motorcycle driver.

“Don’t shoot, there are so many people around here. Don’t hurt them by mistake.” James Grayson reminded him.

He swept sharply towards the distant motorcycle, and then ordered, “Block the green hill and get the surveillance video of this area. Don’t frighten the snake.”

“Yes, chief.”

Bella saw the blood on her hand and looked at James Grayson’s arm. There were scratches on his arm due to broken window glass. If he didn’t save her the bullet would be in her head or maybe her face. A palpitation flowed through her heart.

“Your hand is injured. The hospital is nearby. Should we go to the hospital and bandage it first?” Bella said with concern.

James Grayson looked at Bella and said apologetically, “I can’t send you back. I’ll go back to the Military Region and I will call you later.”

“That’s all right. I can go back by myself.” Bella got off the car.

He stopped a taxi for her and ordered the driver, “Take her to the Blue Sky Apartment.”

Bella got into the car, and he closed the door for her. Bella looked again at his arm, still bleeding. Her eyes were full of concern and sympathy.

This man really cares about her. The last time he used his own body to guard her block bullets at that mission. This time he saved her again.

He really cares about others’ lives but what about his own?

There was a strange feeling in her heart.

She went back to her apartment and opened the door.

David Wilson was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossing.

He put one hand on the sofa casually and the other was playing with a fruit knife. He was smiling, but the smiling is chilling.

“Wait a minute. I took my marriage certificate and ID card. I may need a household registration book too.” Bella walked towards the bedroom.

“That man made you happy?” David Wilson sarcastically asked.

Bella looked at him.

She disliked his dirty thinking and did not deny, “Well, it was good.”

David stood up and slapped her hard in the face. “You’re so cheap.”

He has a heavy hand.

She felt dizzy and her vision became blurred. She wiped the corner of her mouth that appeared blood. Her cheapest deed was to fall in love with him!

“If that’s cheap, then what about you? Who had sex many times with many women?” Bella replied.

Speaking it out, she thought it is meaningless to reckon.

“Come on, after today, we’ll walk on our separate ways. There’s nothing to talk about. This apartment is yours. I’ll move out this afternoon.” Bella went ahead.

David Wilson’s eyes were a little red. He put his arms around her, held her face and pinched the chin to give her extreme pain.

“When did you learn to cheat on your husband?” David Wilson angrily said. Green veins on his forehead were going to burst.

Bella stared at him. She didn’t want to talk to him anymore. She got rid of his hand, “From now on, we have nothing to do with each other.”

His heart was tight.

She wants to love someone else other than him?

He held her chin again, and the breath blew on her face and it was hot enough to burn her.

But he didn’t know why he became so angry when he got to know that she was going to divorce and stop caring about him.

“Bella, I will let you know today that the result of betraying me will be terrible.” He unzipped his trousers, his evil eyes full of danger and irony. “Don’t you always want me to fuck you? Today I will satisfy your needs.”

Recalling the phone call yesterday, she felt nausea and couldn’t speak for a while.

David Wilson saw that she did not refuse and sneered, “It seems that the man didn’t make you happy. You do want it.”

Bella controlled her nerves and said, “Get out.”

His eyes were as sharp as knives and he kissed her on the lips. To be exact, it’s not a kiss, it’s a bite, a bite on her lips, a suction of her blood. Bella struggled. She beat him and pushed his head back. His strength was too much more than her. She couldn’t free herself. David Wilson tasted the sweetness of her blood and smelled her fragrance. Her lips, damn soft. He was somewhat out of control.

Brain flashed over that she and James Grayson had spent one night outside, his eyes became sharper. He let go her and asked, “What other parts of your body have touched by other men?”

His hands moved down! Bella was frightened. She didn’t want to be touched by him. She looked at the fruit knife on the tea table. She grabbed the knife and touched David Wilson’s neck while he was not prepared for it.

David Wilson looked at Bella. But there was no fear in her eyes.

He sneered, “If you dare, let me see what a cold-blooded woman like you can do?”

Bella’s hands trembled, and she continuously stared at him.

“Didn’t you say you would never touch me? What are you doing now?” Bella was burning with anger.

“Oh.” David Wilson gave a light laugh and said, “I regret it now. I’d like to see which parts attracted other men to fuck you and see how they touched you.”

He approached again and lifted her skirt. Bella was frightened and tried to stab into his arm. Before she stabbed him he quickly held her hand. His strength was so much that the bone he pinched seemed to break and the knife fell to the ground. He raised his mouth and his eyes grew angry. “You should try to stab in my heart, stabbing in my arm won’t kill me.”

“I don’t want to make my hands dirty by killing you.” Bella stared at him with hatred.

David sneered. His cold hand touched her white cheek. There was no pity in his eyes. “How did he touch you yesterday? Did his fingers go in, or did his tongue go in?”

“Don’t think everybody is as sick as you. He didn’t touch me at all.” Bella put away his finger.

David Wilson didn’t believe her. “Are you kidding? A man and a woman spent the night together, changed their clothes and took a bath. Is he having any problem? Or are you are insulting my IQ?”

“Believe it or not.” Bella’s eyes glanced over and kicked him relentlessly in the abdomen.

David Wilson was shocked. He didn’t expect she can kick him. He jumped back unconsciously and avoided Bella’s feet. Bella threw the fruit tray towards David Wilson.

David Wilson dodged.

Bella rushed out of the house without turning back.

“Damn!” David Wilson angrily kicked the tea table.

The leg of the tea table broke. Nanny stood at the kitchen door and looked at David with some fear.

David was so angry. He glanced at the nanny. “Get out of here, you’re fired.”

Nanny saw him so perverted that she ran away without hesitation.