Chapter 17 Never Expecting, Goodbye

In front of the glittering door, Alice couldn’t help but breathing a sigh of relief, wondering if the guests inside were hard to serve, but tonight, she would really do her best to sell the wine in this car.

The hand holding the cart was working hard. Why was it suddenly more tense than when I came here to work on the first day?

Arranged her clothes in a hurry, even if the skirt was dragged down, it was still so short.

The waiter standing at the door not only smiled to see Alice’s nervous look, “Alice, you were nervous today as if you were going into a blind date.”

Alice also felt a little too nervous, and said with a smile, “You haven’t looked at the famous wine in my cart. It is money that I am nervous for.”

The waiter helped her open the door, and she walked down with her head down. When she entered, the waiter closed the heavy soundproof door.

The guests sitting in the leather sofa didn’t pay much attention to the waiter who pushed in the wine. Anyway, for them, they drank wine, not like some insignificant people. The purpose was to touch the body of the lady who pushed the wine a few times.

“Ben, now we’re all back. When was your wedding with Molly, when…” Jim hold the beauties around him, before the words were finished, the room changed its atmosphere with a crisp sound.

Alice originally wanted to take the bottle opener, but in the neon light, when she heard Jim’s voice, and Ben and Molly’s name…

The bottle opener in his hand slipped down, wiped the cart and fell to the corner of the table, before landing on the good carpet under her feet.

Alice stunned. The humbleness she had developed over the years had made her instinctively bent over and apologized, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, I’m really sorry …”

The private room was horrifyingly quiet. Alice felt that her breathing was about to stop. How could the guests sitting in this room be them?

“Alice…” After the silence, the first voice came from Chuck. His accident represented everyone here.

“Alice, why are you here?” The second voice was Molly sitting beside Benjamin.

After that, it was asphyxiating quiet.

If it was three years ago, she would have turned away like a deserter, but now she won’t.

After adjusting her mood, she lifted her eyes and looked at them, her mouth slightly tilted, with a standard etiquette smile, “I am here to work. You … have come back.”

To work? !! Here? !!

“Alice, weren’t you here to trick them?”

Chuck, Janice, Jim, and the pretty girl around Jim, and Molly looked at Alice incredibly.

There was only one person, his long legs crossed, and it seemed that Alice was standing in front of them. To her, he was a stranger, an unrelated stranger, and just one glance was redundant.

Everyone was hard to believe that, because she said she wanted to go abroad together, but because of her new boyfriend, she not only gave up going abroad, but also almost killed Benjamin who loved her so much.

They never expected that she was living so downcast now, even selling wine in the bar, and the overalls on her…

Now in their eyes Alice was doing such an indecent job.