Chapter 17 A Mysterious Letter

Jessica found Christian’s attitude toward her disturbing. He still had feelings for Vivian.

Jessica left his ward obediently. She stamped her foot angrily in the hallway. She had never expected that Vivian’s death would have had such a great impact on Christian.

But her anger was fleeting. Knowing Vivian had been blown to pieces in the car explosion, she couldn’t help gloating.

The Joseph family’s fortunes and Christian were bound to be hers and hers only. The very thought of it made her happy again. Given Christian’s mental state at the moment, she quickly came up with a new idea.

Tossing and turning in bed, Christian was restless because of the chaotic reality.

“Is anyone here?” He simply removed the infusion needle and walked out of the ward.

“Sir, you still haven’t recovered. You shouldn’t get out of bed now.” A young nurse rushed to him in a hurry. When she saw Christian’s sullen face at the door, she cautiously warned him out of duty.

“I’m leaving hospital.” He insisted, regardless of her opposition.

Fully aware of Christian’s powerful family background, the president of the hospital didn’t dare to do anything against his wishes. So he quickly agreed to Christian’s demand.

From an outsider’s point of view, Christian had multiple injuries that required hospitalization.

But in fact, Christian couldn’t care less about these flesh wounds. He hadn’t yet fully accepted the news of Vivian’s death. Time in the hospital hung heavy on him.

He couldn’t sit back and wait for news. He had to find Vivian himself.

He went back home without telling anyone else, except his maid.

Jessica got up early in the morning and put on a beautiful make-up. A white dress, along with a sad face, made her quite delicate and fetching.

She looked in the mirror with satisfaction. With a box of pastries she had long prepared for, she went to the hospital to see Christian with excitement.

“What? Christian left hospital?” Jessica learnt about the news once she walked into the ward cheerfully.

Already infuriated by Christian’s indifference to her yesterday, Jessica now couldn’t wrap her mind around his sudden change of attitudes. Not long ago, he had adored her. But after Vivian’s death, he just ignored her.

Jessica’s face with exquisite makeup on suddenly crumpled up and became scary.

She wouldn’t throw in the towel. She left the hospital in high heels and then took a cab to Christian’s home.

Christian was very upset. He had never been so worn out by grief, even when his grandfather died.

He might blame his throbbing temples and aching head on the lack of sleep last night.

Walking into Christian’s home with a heavy heart, Jessica saw him sitting on the couch and looking down.

Christian leaned on the couch lazily with his long legs crossed. Purple bruises on his face didn’t affect his good looks at all. Instead they added a touch of unruliness to his manhood.

She couldn’t help blushing at the sight of such a handsome man who was shining like stars.

“Christian,” Jessica whispered his name. She was tearful and pitiable.

Rubbing his temples, Christian was slightly displeased when he heard Jessica’s voice.

“Christian, why did you leave hospital without telling me? I was very worried.” Jessica sat by his side and complained in injured tones.

Christian had been too upset to be disturbed. But his heart melted at the sight of her lovely and innocent face.

“It was nothing serious. Besides, I was bored at the hospital. Are you feeling better right now?” He still felt sorry for her about their unborn baby.

Jessica smiled soothingly and gently patted him on the back of the hand.

“I’ll all right. But I’m worried about you.”

Christian smiled softly. Jessica was loving and sensible, and he loved it.

She snuggled into Christian’s arms and tentatively switched to another topic.

“Christian, when could we give a rightful status to our unfortunate child?” She was instantly tearful and sorrowful.

Christian had never expected that Jessica would have brought up such an idea. His gentle eyes became cold in an instant.

He let go off Jessica. It was outrageous.

Shortly after Vivian’s death, Jessica was already desperate to the new Mrs. North.

“Your sister has not been buried yet. She was my wife after all. We’ll see.” Christian said curtly. His temples were throbbing again.

Jessica’s plan fell through. She suspected something, but she couldn’t argue.

“Why don’t you go back to your room? I’m a little tired.” He stood up and walked into his study, leaving Jessica grinding her teeth on the couch alone.

Christian leaned back in his car feebly, enjoying his moment of peace.

“Master, there is a letter for you.” The maid knocked on the door and brought him back from absent-mindedness.

“Come in.”

Lowering her head, the maid walked into the study, put an envelope on the desk and quickly left.

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