Chapter 169 A bolt from the blue 1

After a long time, Bella woke up, she opened her eyes and saw James Grayson sleeping nearby.

She frowned.

If she has to pretend that she didn’t know James Grayson, she should leave secretly at this time. But she didn’t dare to go out. She was afraid that the other men would be outside. If she was caught by the bald-headed or his subordinates, things would become worse.

She deliberately turned over his hand and touched his body.

James Grayson immediately woke up, he held her hand and pressed her on the bed.

“Let me go,” Bella said, the voice was not as sharp as before.

James Grayson took a pill and put it into Bella’s mouth.

“What did you give me to eat?” Bella widened her eyes.

He blocked her lips. Bella knew that James Grayson wouldn’t hurt her. He was saving him.

But unknown fear burned her tense nerves. The body was suffering from abnormal dryness and heat.

James Grayson put her ankle on his shoulder and went in again. However, in the whole process, he did not take off her clothes.

Bareheaded stare at them in the monitor screen, he cleared her throat and spoke. “Shit, people are having fun and I’m just watching them. I’m not happy. I’m also going out to find a woman.”

“Boss, don’t you want to watch over him?” His subordinates asked the bald man.

“Do it yourself.” The bald-headed had trusted James. He took his car and drove away.

James Grayson heard the sound of the car starting downstairs, and relaxed a little.

Ten minutes later, James’s cell phone rang for one time and hung up.

James Grayson understood the sign. One bell means, that the monitoring was still on, but no one was observing the monitoring.

Tomorrow, he will have to leave Bella in his room, otherwise, there were a lot of animals out there that were impatient for a long time. It will be hard for him to keep her safe.

Bella has not recovered yet. She was half squinting and lying on the bed.

He tied up Bella, found a blind angle for monitoring, lowered his voice and said, “Tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock, we will leave to meet their boss, you will be here, and I will leave two men to protect you, don’t be afraid.”

Bella had no strength. She blinked her eyes to show that she understood.

“I found that Miller is their boss. He is the one who put the bomb during the wolf drill. I got the information that he still has a large number of destructive weapons. I have to solve this mission.” James Grayson explained.

Bella understood. After blinking again, she closed her eyes.

James Grayson handcuffed his and her wrist together and covered her with the quilt. Bella held James Grayson’s hand, and he held her hand too, but a little stronger than her.

In the morning, someone knocked at the door.

James Grayson woke up and opened his eyes and looked into Bella’s eyes. She raised her eyebrows, but before she could speak, James Grayson taped his mouth.

More words are equal to more mistakes. It will be safest to say nothing.

He handcuffed her to the bed.

Opened the door.

“Sir, how did you sleep last night? It’s time for us to go out in a moment.” The bald-headed looked at Bella, there were bad intentions in his eyes.

“Don’t let this woman go out. I will play with her after coming back. When I will be tired of playing, I’ll give her to you.” James Grayson said.

Bareheaded eyes were filled with ambiguity. “You have been playing all night, but haven’t tired of playing with her yet?”

“It’s not the skill that matters, what only matters is that she is James Grayson’s woman. Walter and Louis, it’s your duties to keep eyes on her and don’t let her run. If you let her run, you will also die.” James Grayson ordered his subordinates.

“Yes, boss.” Walter and Louis replied.