Chapter 168 I’d rather die 2

“It will be boring if she dies so easily. I want to let James Grayson have a look that I’ve played with her woman and wanted to watch him suffer. That will be fun.” James Grayson said coldly.

“Yes, yes, as you say. I’m sorry, sir. I doubted you before. The person who tried to murder you yesterday was also sent by me. I want to see if you can be cruel to her. Yesterday you passed it, but my boss was not reassured.

We have sent our people to follow James Grayson, and in the bus station, they saw James Grayson going to meet this woman. And you also appeared so suddenly.

But now you have touched James’s woman. I have sent this video to my boss and now he is relieved. Tomorrow I’ll take you to meet my boss. I am leaving this woman to you. Have fun.” The bald-headed explained.

“Ask my people to come in and help me bandage this wound. Tomorrow is an important day. I want to relax tonight. Don’t come in and disturb me.” James Grayson said.

“Yes, Yes. I understand. Have fun. I’m upstairs. Just call me if you need anything.” The bald-headed said and laughed.

James Grayson’s people come in and helped James Grayson bandage the wound.

James Grayson looked at Bella and asked. “This woman’s temperament is too strong. Is there any way to make her gentle?”

“Of course, there’s a way, but I have to go out and buy that medicine.” James Grayson’s man spoke.

“Be careful. Don’t let people stare at you. I’ll find some women for you when I get back to work tomorrow.”

“Thank you, boss.”

“Also buy some things to bind her here. These pants are really indecent.” James Grayson said again.

“Yes.” James Grayson’s men leave.

The bald-headed sat in the monitoring room and looked at the screen without blinking.

“Boss, I think this man has no problem.” His man came forward and also stared at the screen.

“At present, I also think like that. But observe him carefully at night. If we found no problem, we will let him meet our boss.” The bald-headed said.

James Grayson’s room

Bella vaguely guessed everything. These days, James Grayson had been carrying out this mission. The bald-headed caught him and thought that he can be a military man. So they caught her for his trial.

She didn’t know what kind of gesture she should make after waking up to not let them doubt James Grayson, so she just kept her eyes closed.

She thought about James Grayson’s arm injury, and that she pressed it too hard. She felt some guilt. At that time, she didn’t know that he was James, that’s why she hurt him.

In a daze, she fell asleep.

James Grayson lay down beside her, took his cell phone and sent a message.

“Boss, that man has sent a short message.” The bald-headed subordinate came forward and reported.

“Decrypted it?” The bald-headed asked his man while staring at the computer.

“Yes, he wrote, ‘today I played with James Grayson’s woman. Have you finished your plan? You know I will be dead or be disabled if James Grayson catches me.’ Boss, what we should reply?”

“Don’t reply to him, so as to avoid making any mistake.” The bald-headed said.

“I think he’s okay.” The man analyzed.

“Observe him tonight and tomorrow let him meet the boss. The goods are all with the boss. It’s a matter of great importance. No one is allowed to make any mistakes.” The bald-headed was very careful.

“Yes.” He yawned and stared at the screen.