Chapter 167 I’d rather die 1

Bella fell on the wooden board. She saw the bearded man taking off his suit, shirt, and exposed the bottomed vest inside. There was a scar on his arm, from the extent of wound healing and according to her medical judgment, he should have been injured yesterday.

He came towards her like a hunter.

Bella was afraid, and her body was trembling with fear. “Don’t come to me, let me go.”

The man walked toward Bella.

She didn’t want to die. She wanted to be with James Grayson. But it would be better to die than to be defiled by this man. If this happened, she wouldn’t be able to face James Grayson.

Bella turned around and tried to bump into the wall. But before she could touch the wall, she was caught by the man and he pressed her again on the wooden board.

Bella was writhing like a crazy person. The man pressed her legs, and she couldn’t move.

“Ah,” Bella screamed.

The bearded man unbuttoned her trousers and pulled them down.

Bella stretched her hand and pressed hard his wound injured. The blood flowed on his arm.

The man held her hand, pressed them on both sides of her body, and looked down at her. Bella stared at the bearded man.

She was not afraid to die.

Why should she fear death?

She hit his head hard with her head. The man dodged.

Bella took the opportunity to take the dagger that was dropped by him on the bed. She didn’t think for a moment and placed it on her neck.

The bearded man grabbed the sharp edge of the dagger and pulled it. He pressed Bella’s hands with one hand, pulled off her pants, tied them to her wrist, raised one of her legs, and went in forcefully.

“Ah.” Bella’s eyes were red. She couldn’t move or do anything.

Shame… despair… To live is worse than to die

She bit her tongue. She thought of the method to bit her tongue to commit suicide. There are many blood vessels on the tongue, biting off the tongue is painful and intolerable, but it can cause excessive bleeding which can lead to death.

She didn’t want to give up in front of him. She wanted to struggle to save herself even by killing herself. At least, this way she can keep her position in James Grayson’s heart. If she stayed alive, she could not face him again.

The man with observed saw Bella’s action. He panicked and held Bella’s chin. He was so powerful that Bella was forced to open her mouth. Blood was flowing out from her tongue. The bearded man frowned and kissed Bella on the lips.

“Ah.” Bella was desperately struggling and hit her own head’s back on the wooden board. The man pressed Bella’s forehead and kissed her ear.

“Bella, I’m James Grayson. The room is monitored. After going out, I will explain everything to you. You just pretend to be dizzy.” James Grayson’s low voice fell into her ear.

Bella’s heart was hit at a hundred points. She closed her eyes and there was a storm in her head. She thought it was impossible for him to be the man who defiled her three years ago. But now, she thought… it can be him.

He was as strong as him.

He could be on the mission as he is now.

But, according to his sense of responsibility, why he did not come to find her?

If it was really James Grayson, she would want to tell him about their child. Maybe, James Grayson can find the child that has been kidnapped by someone.

It took James Grayson a long time to leave her body.

He wanted to block her from the camera, to not let her expose but he was afraid to let his softness show some flaws. He sat by the bed and rested.

The bald-headed came in and clapped his hands, “I must say you really have strength. The woman fainted. So how is James’s woman?”

“This woman is hot enough. I like her. Leave here for tonight. I want to play a few more times.” James Grayson said in a hoarse voice.

“Well, before she dies, you can enjoy her.” the bald-headed looked at Bella coldly.