Chapter 165 Do it here 1

During the night, Bella couldn’t sleep well. Her mind was stuck, she was remembering the incident that happened three years ago.

She was kidnapped by David Wilson and somehow she managed to run out of the room, but in her way, she was grabbed by a man. He was strong and powerful. He held her tightly, grasped her lips, and went in like a beast. She screamed and tried hard to push him away, but he was very strong.

James Grayson had always been very gentle to her. Every time before doing it, he made her comfortable first and then do it. His level of patience had been excellent. He cannot be the man that raped her three years ago.

When that man did that with her, she also saw David Wilson and the woman’s car parked not far away, and they also had sex in the car. She didn’t remember much. At that time, she fainted with pain. And when she woke up, she was still lying in that forest but that man was not there, he ran away.

Bella was well aware of James Grayson’s sense of responsibility. Her heart didn’t believe that James Grayson was that person. It must be David Wilson’s plot.


At eight o’clock in the morning

Bella had breakfast and lay down in bed.

She sent a text message to James Grayson and said, “I am in Halton city and staying in a hotel near the bus station of Halton city.”

At eleven o’clock in the morning, James Grayson’s call came. Bella immediately sat up and answered.

“I’ll be here in half an hour. What’s the room number?” James Grayson’s voice sounded tired.

Bella’s heart was sour. She really didn’t want to create trouble for James Grayson, but this matter was very important to her. She wanted to talk to him face to face.

“302,” Bella replied.


Half an hour later, there was a knock on the door.

Bella opened the door. James Grayson was standing at the door. He smiled slightly at her and looked very tired.

“Are you just finished?” Bella asked.

“Yes, a little problem happened yesterday, but it doesn’t matter. You tell me, what’s the matter? You came here last night. There must be some problem.” James Grayson looked at Bella worriedly.

“You haven’t slept since last night?” Bella asked suspiciously.

“It is not a big deal. On my last mission, I didn’t sleep for half a month. Have you had your breakfast? How about doing lunch together and discuss this matter while eating?” James Grayson gently held her hand.

“Do you have to go back in the afternoon?” Bella asked.

“Yes I have to go back at four o’clock, I still have five hours with you.” James Grayson replied patiently.

“If I hadn’t come here, you would have planned to drive to my place and come back after an hour, right?” Bella frowned.

“Yes, then I would have found someone to drive. And I will sleep in the car during that time. This way I can sleep and after waking up I can see you. It is a nice deal for me.” James Grayson looked at her with his love-filled eyes.

Bella’s heart was touched. She didn’t want to believe that James Grayson is the same man as three years ago.

“Go to bed first. I’ll order some food online. When the food arrives, I’ll wake you up. Have a good sleep only then you can work well.” Bella picked up her cell phone and opened the application to order.

James Grayson looked down at her, and his eyes were soft. “Bella, I’m very happy. You come here just to meet me.”

Bella looked at James Grayson in daze.

“It made me feel that I am not the only one who cares about our relationship.” James Grayson said with a smile.

Her heart trembled so much that she held her cell phone tightly and hesitated to ask.

The better he treated her, the less she wanted to ask.

“Sleep with me.” James Grayson lay down on the bed, held Bella and closed his eyes.

Bella leaned on his arms and her head rested on his shoulder. She felt his body temperature reaching her blood through her skin.