Chapter 164 James Grayson is the child’s father 2

“It is my mistake that I ran away?” Bella asked, her eyes became colder, “You are so talented that you have found out the man who raped me. Where is my child? Have you found out?”

“Didn’t you abort that child? Did you give birth to him?” David Wilson stood up and stared at Bella.

Bella didn’t look at him. At first, she thought the child was stolen by David Wilson. But David Wilson always thought that she had aborted that child.

There was a coincidence.

Three years ago, Kate Andrew went to a mental hospital. Bella was still trying her best to get Kate Andrew out. At that time David Wilson found out that she got pregnant and forced her to abort the baby. Bella put on a condition, that she will abort the child if David Wilson agrees to help her in Kate Andrew’s bail.

She went to the hospital and coincidently met a university student who didn’t want to let others know that she had an abortion. The student wrote Bella’s name on the form, and the doctor gave David Wilson the embryo of that girl.

After David Wilson helped her in Kate Andrew’s bail. She went out with Kate Andrew to stay alone for some days. David Wilson thought that she must be sad after her abortion so he ignored her and let her go.

There she gave birth to the child. But just in a week after her delivery, the child was robbed, someone. Kate Andrew also had serious attacks and she hurt some people. Since then, she has been locked in a sanatorium and never came out.

“Speak.” David Wilson was furious.

“The baby was mine. I want to give birth. I can take good care of my child.” Bella replied.

“No wonder that you were depressed in those days. I thought it was because you killed your child. But it was because you gave birth to that illegal child. I didn’t expect you to do this rubbish act.” David Wilson angrily walked out of the room and slammed the door.

Bella was worried. She shouldn’t tell David Wilson about the children. It may be possible that he will harm her child.

She was in a very upset mood.

Vivian Denzel came back and saw Bella sitting on the sofa motionless and dazed. “What’s the problem?”

“Where is James Grayson?” Bella’s eyes were red, and she asked Vivian Denzel.

“How can we know about the chief?” Vivian Denzel was worried.

“I see,” Bella called James Grayson. “Can you come back now?”

“It will be a little difficult. I have an appointment at night. I’ll try to come tomorrow.” James Grayson looked at the time and said.

“No need for it, you do your work. Tell me the name of the city where you are?” Bella asked.

“It’s Halton city next to Walem city. What’s the matter?” James Grayson noticed that Bella’s tone was not right.

“Nothing. See you tomorrow.” Bella hung up her cell phone.

James Grayson was still on the highway. He had an important task tonight. She didn’t want to affect his mood.

Bella picked up her bag and said to Vivian Denzel, “I won’t be able to go to discipline inspection tomorrow, help me to ask for a leave.”

“Where are you going? I’ll accompany you.” Vivian Denzel said immediately.

“I am going to meet your chief. I’ll be fine. I’ll be back tomorrow.” Bella knew that even if she didn’t tell her, Vivian Denzel will still report him. So she told honestly.

She went to the bus station and bought a ticket to Halton city. It was dinner time while waiting for the bus, she bought a box of instant noodles and ate them. She took the last bus to Halton city and reached at 10:30 pm, and she stayed in the hotel near the bus station.