Chapter 163 James Grayson is the child’s father 1

David Wilson came in from the door, sat on her sofa lazily, and looked at her with his deep eyes. “What you will do after knowing it?”

“Who is he?” Bella’s eyes turned red.

She just wanted to know where her child is.

David Wilson pulled the corner of her mouth, “Accompany me to sleep and I will tell you his name.”

Bella took up the fruit dish from the tea table and smashed it on David Wilson, “Get lost.”

David Wilson took her hand and pulled her to his side with great strength. “James Grayson can sleep with you. Why I can’t! James Grayson hasn’t slept with many women before?”

“At least he did not do that after sleeping with me.” Bella didn’t allow David Wilson to speak bad about James Grayson.

“Why not? What do you think about Anna Wilson? They are engaged, Bella. Don’t be silly. You can’t be with him.”

Bella tried to draw out her own hand, but David Wilson was holding it tightly and didn’t want to let go. She bit off his hand.

David Wilson clenched his teeth, and his face was livid, and his voice burst out from his teeth. “It’s James Grayson who raped you.”

Bella looked at David Wilson in surprise. There was a moment of emptiness in her beautiful eyes. She was stunned and frightened as if her soul has been scratched badly.

David Wilson saw the tooth mark on his hand and looked at her coldly.

“You’re lying, aren’t you?” Bella didn’t believe.

“If you think it is a lie, ask James Grayson.” David Wilson was confident.

“Impossible.” Bella couldn’t believe it.

“Otherwise, why do you think he is doing these things for you? Don’t you think he is good for you because he wants to make up for his sin?” David Wilson said cruelly, releasing Bella’s hand.

Bella’s shoulders drooped down, her eyes turned sharp and her eyebrows twisted in a trance.

David Wilson held Bella’s shoulder.

Bella defensively pushed him back. He looked pale and fierce.

“Bella, you are a very rational person. Why do you think you attracted the attention of James Grayson? Is there a lack of beautiful women around him? Or by your character?” David Wilson said coldly.

Bella looked at him straight.

“James Grayson likes warm, lively and cheerful girls. He himself wrote it in his diary, that’s why he fell in love with Scarlett Evan. Do you think you are warm, lively and cheerful? You’re just the opposite of her.”

Every word and sentence of David Wilson hit Bella heavily. She felt that she could not bear it. Her legs and feet were weak, and she sat on the sofa.

David Wilson stood in front of her, and his shadow covered her.

“You should understand now that he is good to you because of the incident of three years ago. He thinks that my bad behavior towards you was because of that incident. He is a very responsible person, and you also know about his sense of responsibility.”

Bella lowered her eyes.

David Wilson squatted in front of Bella and held Bella’s cold hand.

Like a sculpture, she was motionless and lost in her thought.

“Bella, I betrayed you and you betrayed me. We are even, OK? I also want to be with you, give me a chance, this time I will cherish you, I promise.” David Wilson said softly.

Bella looked at David Wilson and tears flowed down from the corner of her eyes. “If you and your girlfriend hadn’t kidnapped me that day and put me in that place, do you think I would have met that man?”

“I just wanted to scare you. I didn’t expect you would run.” David Wilson explained.