Chapter 162 Support each other 2

“Now we can directly catch the security director. When he points towards the Manager of Star Contractors, we will go to catch him.” Bella was happy.

She didn’t expect him to do so much for her in five days.

“Not yet. You have to be patient. First, try to find the evidence to correlate Star Contractors Company and Steven Maxwell first. Otherwise, you can only catch Star Contractors manager, not Steven Maxwell.”

Bella nodded, “since Steven Maxwell has done these illegal activities, his money must not be clean. If we find out where he hid his black money and those gold bars, we can accuse him.”

“My man has been keeping an eye on Steven Maxwell for several days. He is a man who does everything without any flaws. He never attends business parties and has no bad habits. It’s hard to breakthrough.”

“No,” an idea was flashed in Bella’s mind, he interrupted James Grayson, “He must have an addiction if it is not treasure than it must be antiques. Do you remember that treasure map? I think to bring snakes out of the cave we have to use that treasure map. Steven Maxwell must be very interested in it.”

“Smart, I will send some people to do this and will give you results in a week.”

Bella pursed her lips and looked at him for a moment.

James Grayson put his arm around her waist and pulled her into his arms. “What’s the matter?”

“I wanted to become an investigation officer so that I can stand in an authoritative place and fight. But, in these five days, I have done the idle work and you cracked down the mystery and also found the mastermind. If you hadn’t helped me with this, I might need several years to solve this mystery. Imagination is beautiful, the reality is rational.” Bella admitted it.

James Grayson smiled, “It doesn’t matter if you are doing it or me. We are one of the causes of Gabriel Athens’s death. I promised him to avenge the villagers that’s why I am working with you to achieve the same goal.”

“In fact, it is just the first step. I do not have a simple goal. I want to be promoted as soon as possible.” Bella expressed her desire.

“It will be best for both of us, why not do it!

Whatever you want, I will help you to achieve it.

What you want is what I want!

I think it’s good. You will be in the front and I will support you from the back. When you get the evidence, you still need to public it. Being able to match you like this gave an invigorating feeling.”

Bella thought, and find it reasonable. There was nothing wrong with his decision. She smiled at him.

James Grayson leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

Bella dodged and cleared her throat. “There is a monitoring system in the room.”

“I’m done.” James Grayson raised his mouth and asked. “What are you thinking?”

Bella thought he wanted to do with that and blushed, “nothing.”

“Don’t think about it. Let’s do it.” He picked her up and walked towards the bathroom.

Happy days are beautiful and didn’t last long.

James Grayson didn’t have much time. He went back. His car speed was above 160.


Knock on the door

Bella thought it must be Vivian Denzel. She opened the door and saw David Wilson standing in front of the door, with an evil smile, but in his eyes there was coldness.

Bella quickly tried to close the door, but David Wilson pushed it and opens it. She was not strong enough to stand up to him.

David Wilson looked at Bella strangely, her eyes were very deep, and her face was expressionless, “Bella, do you want to know the name of the man who raped you three years ago?”

Bella stared at David Wilson, “Who is it?”

There was hope in her heart. Maybe her child was carried away by that man.