Chapter 161 Support each other 1

“Why are you here?” Bella was surprised to see him.

“I was just passing by, I have to go to another city in the evening.” James Grayson explained.

So that’s why Miss Vivian Denzel suddenly went to buy clothes and didn’t ask me to accompany, she knew that Mr. James Grayson will come.

“I’ve made great progress here. I’ve caught the people who smuggled antiques from here. I decided to catch them one by one, and soon l will catch the people who are behind this Star Contractors construction company, and I am sure at some point someone will definitely point to Steven Maxwell. If I can catch Steven Maxwell, the case of Athens Village will be solved.” Bella said happily.

“Vivian Denzel has reported to me. I think that even if someone pointed to Steven Maxwell, he won’t necessarily admit the blame of the massacre of Athens village. He’s not stupid, if he admits it, he will go to jail or will be murdered unless he finds the gold bar.” James Grayson analyzed.

“I hope to find the evidence as soon as possible, and then I will catch him. Have you eaten yet?” Bella asked.

James Grayson pinched her nose. “I just came here to see you. I’ll leave in a moment.”

Bella’s eyes darkened. Even if he didn’t eat, he can’t eat with her.

“Next time do not come here in such a hurry. I know you have a lot of things to do. I understand.”

James Grayson raised the corner of his mouth.

It took him four hours to drive and reach here and he got at most just one hour to be with her. But, he still came to see her.

“You look weak, why you don’t eat more? To solve such kind of things you have to be calm. The people who are guilty are in Walem City. The less anxious you will look, the more anxious they will feel.” James Grayson advised her.

“I’m really in a hurry,” Bella replied.

“That’s why I came here. I want to tell you some good news. If things go right, it will help us a lot.” James Grayson said with a smile.

“What’s the good news?” Bella asked.

“Remember last time, I said there was something wrong with the security head?” James Grayson reminded her.

“There’s absolutely something wrong with the security head. He was with the security captain.” Bella said definitely.

James Grayson handed her a picture.

In the photo, the security head was taking a box of money from a man who was wearing sunglasses.

“Who is this man? Why did he pay the security head?” Bella was surprised.

“He is the manager of the Star Contractors.” James Grayson said.

Bella figured it out, “So, it must be planned by Steven Maxwell. He asked the manager of Star Contractors Construction Company to finish me. The manager found the security head and asked them to frame me. Why didn’t they kill me directly?”

“They cannot dare to kill you directly because they suspect that someone is behind you. In addition, they are also afraid of the fact that your father is Richard Johnson. They framed you on purpose. First, they won’t let you investigate. Second, they wanted to see who is behind you.” James Grayson explained the whole situation to Bella.

“It’s very intriguing, but these photos are not enough to prove that they are related to the murder of the curator of the cultural center and framing me.” Bella frowned.

“Do you remember what the security head said to the security captain at that time? He threatened him and he took the blame.

I sent some people to protect the wife and children of the security captain. And as expected, in the middle of the night, someone came to the security captain’s house to kill his wife and children.

Those who tried to harm his family have been arrested by my people. Today, when he will see the photos of his family, he will confess that the security director had asked him to do so.

I asked the wife of the security captain to visit the security captain today. The security captain has admitted that it was the security head who asked him to frame you, and he would be paid $200,000 cash after he finished it.” James Grayson said.