Chapter 160 A bright dawn 2

Bella smiled, “It is a good thing. You know better than me that we have to complete the targets, we also need to do our work, because we fear our boss’s anger. Well, tomorrow we will start to put anonymous letters in every vegetable market of Walem City to report us again anything they know, as in whistleblowing, is that alright?”

“That’s not good. It will scare normal people.” Luke Patrick refused.

“Don’t talk nonsense, do what we have said. We are doing it for people’s good. If you refuse to cooperate, it will sound weird. Do you have something to hide?” Vivian Denzel glared at him and scolded well.

Luke Patrick didn’t dare to refuse again, “Well, we will do as you say.”


Bella was still worried that the Discipline Inspector Center would stop the residents from reporting.

She went to every community in person and asked them to fill in the notice and report what they want to. In front of each report box, people were arranged to protect it. All the tasks of collecting letters were done by her special team.

In a day, they received thousands of letters.

She and Vivian Denzel personally checked each and every letter.

“Officer Bella, look at this letter. The reporter said that the mayor of Walem City cooperated with the developers to forcibly demolish their village and dig it for treasure.” Vivian Denzel said.

Bella took the letter from Vivian Denzel.

“As expected, Steven Maxwell has something to do. He is the mayor. The purpose is to dig cultural relics, and then sell or collect them to collect money. The former director of the cultural museum also murdered, which may also be related to these things.” Bella analyzed.

“Do we need to go to search Steven Maxwell’s house directly?” Vivian Denzel asked for instructions.

“How could he leave his important things at home? Even if on the base of this anonymous letter, we went to the mayor’s house, I am sure we will find nothing but we can alert the actual enemies. Continue to look for more clues, after getting the evidence, we will see what to do.”

“Dong Dong.” There was a knock at the door.

Vivian Denzel opened the door.

Millie Bradley came in with two cups of tea, smiled and asked Bella, “Do you need my help?”

“No, you do your work.” Vivian Denzel said seriously and was about to close the door.

“Tea, milk tea, I bought it especially for you.” Millie Bradley put the tea on the table and glanced at the table before leaving.

Vivian Denzel shut the door and threw the milk tea into the garbage can. “She is obviously guilty.”

“Vivian Denzel, what do you say about starting from an antique dealer?” Bella asked.


“We can’t go out. We’re being watched. Let your comrades help us.” Bella thought for a moment and said.



Worked hard for five days.

Many people reported.

According to the contents of the letters and the information, she has received, she tried to interlink.

Steven Maxwell has an archeological team that studied the history and the culture of Walem City and looked for possible sites.

Star Contractors Construction Company was a construction company closely related to Steven Maxwell.

Steven Maxwell sold many sites to this company at normal prices. It seemed that he sold the sites with the possibility of having treasure to this company.

Apparently the construction company doing legal work, but on the backend, they were digging treasures.

It means… The address on the treasure map of Athens Village lead to Walem City?

Bella went back to the hotel with lots of questions in her mind. Vivian Denzel didn’t come with her, she said she was going to buy some clothes.

As soon as Bella entered the room, she was pulled in by a strong arm.

Before she could react, James Grayson leaned down and kissed her lip…