Chapter 16 Who Dares to Touch His Woman

“Uh… ”

“What else did he do?”

Lily is stunned, then immediately shakes her head. “No, then his mother came.”

Rex looks at her eyes which like obsidian. Her eyes are big and radiant which are soaked by tears. It’s more clear and moving. Every man will have an evil idea, not to mention her ex-husband is a useless person.

“I will help you win this lawsuit.” With that, he adds, “Make Tim loses all standing and reputation.”

Lily stares at him, even though she had said her own demands. But at this time, he says these words; Lily always feels it more meaningful.

It seems that he is going to attack Tim.

Just as Lily is stupefied, her coat has been torn off by the man. She grabs the big hand, and he pulls it off. The man’s movements are much gentler than before. “Have sex with me.”

“I don’t want to do it today.” She repeats it.

It’s hard to compromise for Rex, but this time he does it. “I’ll be gentle.”

She can’t refuse him if he really wants.

Under the yellow light, the long legs of the woman are slender hanging on the waist of the man, the body is propped on the shoe cabinet, and the hands are forced to encircle the neck of the man.

She is naked, but his clothes are intact.

Lily closes her eyes and doesn’t want to see the terrible sense in front of her.

“Who am I?” He whispers hoarsely in her ear.


The woman’s voice is naturally thin and soft, and at this time it’s even more charming.

Rex’s eyes are scarlet. “Call me by name.”

Lily is bewitched by him. “Rex, Rex…”

At last, Lily is almost fainted. Her hair is wet and clinging to her face. As he pushes it away, he whispers in her ear, “Remember who you belong to. If someone touches you, I also punish you.”


An hour later, the hearty affair is over. Lily is devoted herself to this lust. She is defeated in the emotion tide brought by Rex and is unable to control herself.

Rex never cares about her at the end of such thing, but this time, he takes her up and puts her on the bed of the master bedroom on the second floor, “Have a good sleep.”

Lily is sweating all over. She stands up and says, “I want to take a bath.”

Rex looks at her and insists, “I help you.”

Saying, he picks up Lily. Lily suddenly has a small temper, kicks his shoulder, and stares at him, “No.”

If he really helps her take a bath, they don’t what will happen.

Rex looks at the little feet that fall on his shoulders. Her five round toes look like white jade. He grabs the woman’s slender ankles and pulls them. His eyes are deep. “I won’t do anything.”

Lily doesn’t believe him.

“I can wash myself.”

“Then you help me take a bath.”

“…” Lily’s voice is stuffy. “These are all the same.”

“So listen to me and wash together, eh?”

Lily is carried to the bathroom. The shower is opened. The warm and comfortable water runs her body. They made sex several times, but she still couldn’t look directly at the man’s strong body.

Rex, aware of her dodged eyesight, clasps her back head with one hand and forces her to look at him, “Afraid of me?”

Lily blinks her eyes, forces herself to bear the fear of the heart, “Not afraid.”

The man’s eyes narrows slightly. “I don’t like people lie to me.”

Lily awkwardly changes her words, “A little, I’m afraid.”


“What are you afraid of?”

“Just… It’s just that you always try to force me to…” In the matter of love between man and woman, Lily is absolutely inferior to Rex.

“You don’t like it?”

Lily chokes for a while, and her face turns red. She jumps to the place where the spray could not reach. “I, I don’t mean that!”

“So you like it.”

Lily says nothing, nothing at all.

She even wants to communicate with Rex. It seems that she is crazy. This man’s thought is not same as her!

Two people clean their body. As he said, Rex does not touch her again. When Lily thinks he turns sexual, the man beside suddenly says, “Remember to apply medicine, I just did not control, and made some small injuries.”

Lily is slightly shocked. It turns out that he is not totally reckless.

The nervous heart finally gets a little comfort. But she doesn’t reply, just changes her pajamas.

Lying on the soft bed, the tension of the day finally relaxes. No one comes to her side. She can’t help looking at the man in the bathroom.

The bathroom door is not closed. The hazy fog drifts out a little. But she can vaguely see Rex’s face. She thinks of the way he talked with her seriously just now. Her heart beats fast.

Lily simply covers the quilt over her head and sleeps.

Lily has a deep sleep. In the latter half of the night, she has a nightmare. In the dream, Tim, Jade, and their parents are sitting together. Everyone accuses her, and even her own parents blame Lily for her indiscreet. They say she is someone’s mistress and unworthy of being a qualified wife.

Lily feels cold all over, but cannot make a sound when she wants to talk. In a daze, her body is pressed into a warm embrace. Then someone whispers in her ear, “Lily?”

The picture in front of her is gradually broken, and she falls back into the peaceful sleepiness, thinking that everything is her own illusion.

At 6:30 the next morning, Rex wakes up on time and looks at a small thing wrapped in his arms. He frowns slightly and subconsciously tries to push Lily away, but he remembers the way she closed her eyes and murmured last night.

He stops and then moves slowly..

He doesn’t wake her up, exercises alone, washes and eats breakfast.

After leaving the gate of villa, Tom has been waiting by the side of the road. Seeing him coming, he immediately gets out of the car and opens the door on the left side of the back seat. “Morning, president.”

Rex nods a little, in response.

The car drives steadily all the way. Halfway through, Rex suddenly says, “Tom, give me a copy of Tim’s information after this morning’s meeting.”

Tom knows that Rex received a divorce lawsuit. And he knows the main characters clearly, “Yes.”

“In addition, send someone to observe the family’s actions and find an opportunity to produce some evidence.” Thinking of the wound on Lily’s mouth, Rex’s expression is even darker.

Tom feels surprised. After all, for Rex, he doesn’t need to take special measures in such a lawsuit. But this time he is not normal.

“Well, I’ll ask someone to arrange it.”

Rex looks out of the window at the street view. His handsome face is gloomy. They dares to touch his person, so he will revenge fiercely.