Chapter 16 Vivian, give it to me please

“What, what?” Vivian’s face went white and her steps became stiff.

“Oh, I’m joking! Angie smiled and said, “I won’t. William is so excellent. If you two get together, you will love him very much.

Vivian forced a smile.

How is she going to tell Angie? She’s been in love with this guy for years.

Casually, Angie was stabbed in the back of her hand by the chain on Vivian’s wrist. She looked down. Vivian, you’re willing to spend money on something so expensive? I remember when you bought a YSL bag, it would take you months!”

“Now I earn more money, so I buy whatever I like.” Vivian mumbled, trying to put her hands behind her back, but Angie grabbed them and said eagerly, “In that case, Vivian, why don’t you give it to me? I like it!”

“No.” Vivian almost blurted out. Seeing Angie muddled there, she quickly explained, “I like this, too. So, I don’t want to go out.

“Vivian, send me!” Angie held her arm in a petulant manner. “You don’t love these ornaments, so you’ll probably put them in a drawer and eat ashes in a few days. I really like them.”

Vivian knew she owed Angie so much that she could give her money even if she asked for it. But it was the only thing she had left after she separated from the man.

“Angie, I’m sorry, this really doesn’t work.”

“Vivian, you changed a lot, before I want what you give…” Angie seemed a little reluctant, and then waved her hand. “Well, if you like it so much, keep it!”

“Well.” Vivian nodded.

After waving goodbye to Angie, Vivian took John’s car and drove back together. Neither of them spokes.

John reached out his hand and squeezed Vivian’s. “I don’t want to see you so stuffy all day. If you want, I will have a tour with you.

“Never mind. Let’s hang out.” Vivian said with a smile. His heart was warm because of his thoughtfulness. “Besides, Angie’s just come back and she doesn’t have any friends. She needs me.”

With a slight smile, John took her hand and kissed it on his lips. Vivian’s heart quivered, resisting the impulse to pull it back. In a trance, the face in front of her seemed to become William.

But the gentle smile of that man would not be given to her.

On the weekend, the sun was so bright that Angie called Vivian early to say that she almost reached here.

When Vivian packed up her things and went downstairs with John, she saw a black Maybach parked at the bottom of the building. Angie seat at the passenger seat stretched out her hand and said with a big smile, “Vivian, John, good morning!”

They originally planned to go to the museum, and picnic outside, but later Angie suggested to turn to micro blog to see a good farmhouse, so they changed the route. Vivian and John didn’t have any problem with it. So, they went to the farmhouse.

Angie and Vivian were sitting in the back, talking and laughing as they ate snacks. Angie said that she had brought William home yesterday. “My parents love him so much, especially my dad, who hogs me all afternoon…”

Vivian vaguely responded, taking a look at the driver out of the corner of her eye. William’s face was pale, as if he hasn’t heard anything.

Just because they were Angie’s parents, he could forgive him even if it was so embarrassing?