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Chapter 16 Tonight’s Guests

A bicycle was originally ridden by a boy, and the girl sitting in the back seat had to play.

The boy couldn’t help but lifted his feet up. The girl sat behind her, her arms tightly around her boy’s waist, her feet on the pedals, and she was happy to ride a bike.

Alice’s heart was tightened. What happened tonight, always reminded her of the days when he was around.

Shaking her head hard and taking out the hands in her pocket to pat her face a few times, she took a deep breath, and kept herself awake.

“Let the dead past pass. I can’t go back anymore more.”

She quickly walked to the bar. At this time, there were not many customers. She first went to the changing room to change the work clothes. A black tight small suit was matched with a short one-step skirt.

At first she was still resistant to wear this dress. The skirt was really a bit short, and the opening of the suit was too big. She didn’t want to wear it, but she had to wear it for a job with many tips every day.

Because she was skinny, at first she would wear a turtleneck inside her top and wear a black dress or pant.

Later, the head couldn’t get used to it and said, ‘I thought you were here to do a special service.”

Time can always smooth some of your sharpness. She used to resist such dress, but now she felt nothing.

It’s not good-looking, but there are always those customers who love to put a few hundred dollar bills on her chest.

At first, she really wanted to throw those hundred-dollar bills on the faces of her guests who were frivolous, and then she slowly realized that nothing was more important than money. Her poor pride was worthless.

As soon as she changed her clothes, Marco, who had a better relationship with her, came in. “Dear, I was in a good mood today, and I will give you the big room tonight.”

Marco was the same age as her, but she set foot in society at the age of sixteen, so she was more experienced than Alice.

Since Alice worked here, Marco had been protecting her, not only just for tonight. As long as Marco felt that there were some guests who didn’t seem to behave well, she would not let Alice treat them.

Alice tied her black hair up and smiled and said to Marco, “Then I will invite you to the hospital restaurant for a buffet tomorrow.”

Marco gave shot her a glance, “It’s stingy; I’ll wait for you to be generous one day, and invite me to a six-star hotel for a buffet.”

“Then I guess you have to wait until I win the lottery, then I will open a presidential suite for you, and how about a top handsome guy for you.”

“That’s good. I have to wish you a lottery every day.”

The two arrived at the wine cellar. Alice pushed the wine cart that was prepared by the lead, and had a look at it, and could not help sighing: this cart of wine was enough to buy this bar.

But … if she sold these wines and opened the bottles later, her royalties will be able to make up for the expenses owed to the hospital last month.

It was excited to think about that.

The foreman reminded Alice solemnly, “The guests tonight were the new stars in this city. If you dare to make mistake, you don’t have to come here anymore.”

“Got it.”

Marco encouraged her making a cheering gesture. After Alice smiled slightly, she carefully pushed the gold-plated wine cart in the direction of the big bag.