Chapter 16 Do you want to get rid of me?

“No, no, I just want to…” Lisa Stark wanted to speak, but she stopped. She didn’t know what to say to calm this man’s anger.

“What the hell you said to her?” David Wilson asked furiously.

Lisa Stark was frightened and frankly said, “Nothing, just sent her our recording we slept together some days ago.”

David Wilson slapped on Lisa Stark’s face and stared at her, “Who gives you the right to do this?”

Lisa Stark fell to the ground, knelt down in front of David Wilson and held his leg. “I just want her to know and leave you. I love you, love is crazy.”

David pinched her neck as if he could kill her with a little effort.

“Who do you think you are?” he said angrily, “You are the one whom I just play with. What right do you have to ask her to leave me?”

Lisa Stark’s face was pale.

Her breath was evacuated. She said intermittently, “David, please…please forgive me!”

David Wilson did not want to let her go.

His cell phone rang.

David’s eyes flashed and his hands released her from his grip. Lisa Stark fell on the ground coughing and breathing weakly. David Wilson answered the phone.

“General David, the license plate you mentioned was James Grayson’s car, the senior commander of the special forces of the military region.” David Wilson’s subordinate reported.

David Wilson pulled the cold corner of his mouth and said, “I see. What about the Madam? Had she returned to her apartment? ”

“She is with James Grayson on the ship, it is said that it will not be ashore until tomorrow morning.” Reported truthfully.

David Wilson’s pupils shrank sharply, his face was very blue. He clenched his teeth and spit out fiercely, “Deal with them tomorrow. David Wilson’s woman, not anyone can have.”


David Wilson hung up the phone, looked on the ground at Lisa Stark indifferently and ordered, “Leave the place in three days, don’t let me see you again.”

“No, David, I love you, I can’t leave you.” Lisa Stark pleaded.

“Bitch.” David Wilson kicked off Lisa Stark without any emotion in his cold eyes and called out, “Take back all the real estate, companies, vehicles and luxury goods that are under Lisa Stark’s name, block all her accounts and credits cards that are on my name.”

Lisa Stark’s face turned ashy. She lost all her strength and collapsed on the ground.

The sky was clear, the first sunshine in the morning fell on her through the window.

Bella opened her eyes. She slept so well for the first time. She got up, brushed her teeth, washed and came out of the bathroom. There was a knock at the door. Bella goes to open the door.

James Grayson stood straight at the door with three bags in his hand.

“I am afraid your clothes will not be dried yet. Wear this.” James Grayson said to her.

He put the bag on the ground. James Grayson said very little, and then turned to leave.

Bella looked at the bag on the ground, smiled slightly and felt a slight warmth in her heart.

She picked up the paper bag on the ground and took out the clothes inside. It was a pure hand-made silk embroidered dress.

Skirt is lotus collar, orchid lace beautiful and noble. At a glance, she can see they are expensive. She hasn’t given him the money for cosmetics yet. There are also small white shoes inside. It’s soft and comfortable to wear.

She put it on and went out and saw James Grayson standing.

The sea breeze swept the sea it is sparkling, but not more than James Grayson. His gritty and handsome face was like the perfect work of art.

Despite his cold temperament she distinctly felt a touch of warmth.

James Grayson turned around and looked at her. His deep eyes twinkled. “This dress suits you.”

She walked over leaning against the railing and said softly, “I seem to owe you more and more.”

“If you don’t want to owe me, just throw them in the garbage when you get back.” James Grayson said coldly.

Bella smiled, he is really domineering.

She flashed David Wilson’s shadow in her mind looked up at James Grayson and seriously asked, “Chief, can I ask you something?”

“Well?” He also looked at her.

At this time, they were talking like friends as they have known each other for a long time.

“Why do you hate Miss Anna Wilson so much? In my opinion, she really loves you.” Bella asked.

It’s not she’s gossiping, it’s her association with her own self.

He stared at her as if he could see through her heart in an instant. He also answered earnestly, “First, I don’t like her. Second, I don’t like her enforcing nature. Third, she hurt my friend. If there’s not still some friendship left, I would make her disappear.”

Bella understood.

David Wilson did not like her, did not like her entanglement, he thinks that she hurts Lisa Stark.


“Thank you, Chief Executive,” Bella said.

“You are not my subordinate, nor a soldier, so don’t call me chief.” James Grayson said ruthlessly.

“Huh?” She was embarrassed. “I’m sorry.”

“My name is James Grayson.” He looked at the shore. “You can call my name.”

Bella had a strange feeling in her heart. It’s rude of her to call his name.

“I will pay you the money for cosmetics and these clothes and shoes. I can’t take your things for nothing.” Bella shifted the subject.

His eyes crossed a blank look slanting her calm face. “If you really want to keep it at an equal level, accompany me in buying clothes this afternoon, and you pay for it.”

Bella paused and dropped her eyes. She didn’t want to owe him. She really ought to buy expensive clothes for him. At least as much as she owes him.

“I’m going to work today, after work, okay,” Bella said.

James Grayson’s face brightness becomes dim. Still, she wants to get rid of their relationship.

“Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown is driving here. Get in.” Without waiting for her to see his face clearly, James Grayson strode toward the dock.

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown stood respectfully beside the Land Rover and opened the car door.

James Grayson ordered coldly after boarding the car: “drop her first.”

“Yes,” Colonel Thomas Brown received an order, “Where do you live, Miss Bella?”

“Blue Sky Apartment, just drive near the gate. I’ll go in by myself.” Bella answered.

She turned her eyes to James Grayson. James Grayson sleeps with his eyes closed. He is charming and elegant, and he publicizes the atmosphere that strangers are not close to.

Bella did not speak more. She didn’t want to disturb his rest and looked out of the window.

A motorcycle was coming quickly.

James opened his eyes and looked out of the window. The motorcycle rider raised a gun.

Bella was stunned. He quickly pulls her body put a hand over her head and hide her under his chest.

“Bang.” A voice.

A bullet came through the window…