Chapter 159 A bright dawn 1

“Yes, I met her. She is very ruthless.” Bella said with a smile and looked at Vivian Denzel.

Vivian Denzel jumped up and down, removed the monitoring cameras and put in new monitoring and anti-monitoring equipment.

“Don’t worry, 1666 is the most competent. What you want to do, just command her, and she will do.” James Grayson said softly.

“Well, I got it,” Bella said and went to the sky garden.

“Don’t chase anyone from the Walem Discipline Inspector Center while this investigation. I suspect that someone from the Discipline Inspector Center is involved in conspiring against you.” James Grayson doubted.

“I also doubt that, for example, Millie Bradley and Drake Bradley have been exploring all the way.”

“It’s normal to spy. After all, you and Vivian Denzel came too suddenly. They must be worried about themselves. I think the problem is with the director. I have prepared a team for you. You only need to order 1666, and she will contact them to perform tasks as per your command.”

Bella’s heart softened.

He wrote on the wooden card that he will protect her.

It seemed that he has been protecting her all the time.

“Where are you now?” Bella asked.

“I came to another city, I have told director Jacob of the armed forces, he will be your strong backing. You can do what you want to do. Be confident, be bold, and do it with ease. For everything you have me.”

“Be careful, too. Your mother said that you went on a dangerous mission again. I am worried about you.”

“Well, it’s not a dangerous task. It’s just my duty. Do you remember the soldier who encountered an accident and his legs were blown off?” James Grayson asked.

“Yes, I remember, the one whose wife was asking for a divorce.”

“He was injured in an exercise. At that time, many people were injured, but he was seriously injured. I investigated for a long time and finally found the person who sold the arms. Now I am working on it.”

Bella listened and thought that his job was much more dangerous than her. “Be careful and protect yourself. If something happens to you I will not be able to do anything.”

James Grayson smiled, “Well, nothing can happen to me with you by my side.”

Bella smiled.

They were working hard together for each other, and this was really a good feeling, “then I will do my work, good luck.”

“Good luck to you too, I’ll see you in two days.” James Grayson’s tone was soft.

“No, it will cause a problem, if your parents and Anna Wilson got to know about it. I can afford to wait for two years.” Bella was worried about him and herself. She hasn’t forgotten the last incident. She was afraid, if they find out again it wouldn’t be as simple as cutting fingers.

James Grayson’s also deepened and hung up the phone.

“Chief.” Commander Thomas Brown called him.

James Grayson closed his eyes. “Go on.”

The special makeup artist continued to stick his beard.


In the afternoon.

Bella and Vivian Denzel went to the Walem Discipline Inspector Center. She had a look at the cases that the Walem Discipline Inspector Center had done in recent years. Most of them were small economic cases.

They keep an eye on several state-owned enterprises, and every year they catch a few people to complete the targets.

These cases didn’t help her.

“What about the whistleblowing letter? Show me this year’s.” Bella looked at Luke Patrick, chairman of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and asked.

Luke Patrick’s assistant brought a lot of letters.

Bella and Vivian Denzel check them thoroughly. Most of them were trivial matters. Some reported neighbors stealing cables, some reported girlfriends stealing men, and some reported leaders asking them to work overtime.

After two hours of hard work, Bella finished checking all the whistleblowing letters and looked at Luke Patrick. “Is that all?”

“Yes. Actually, Walem is a peaceful place. There are no big corruption scandals.” Luke Patrick said with a gentle smile.

“Don’t behave in a noisy and boisterous manner.” Vivian Denzel snapped.

Luke Patrick looked at Vivian Denzel. His face sank but his eyes were sharp.