Chapter 158 The thing we do for love 2

“Well, both work and food are important. However, I have to do some work today. Because I have to report it to my leader. I guess I didn’t perform well yesterday, so they sent another officer to join me.” Bella joked.

Drake Bradley’s face became even worse. “So, your team really has an assigned target, right?”

“Yes, we do. Let’s eat something first and talk about work in the afternoon.” Bella defeated Drake Bradley’s perfunctory words.


At lunch, she met the other officer, Vivian Denzel.

Her skin was black, her hair was short and her eyes were sharp. She didn’t speak much. But some of the words she uttered were direct and efficient.

Bella estimated her to be a special soldier sent by James Grayson.

At the end of the lunch, Vivian Denzel spoke seriously to the director, “I came here for a serious task. I hope you can fully cooperate with my work.”

“Yes, yes, of course, but what is your task?” The director asked with a smile.

“I have orders from my senior officers to catch a person. It’s not convenient for me to disclose the details. You have to submit the required materials.” Vivian Denzel said coldly.

“OK, since you have ordered, we will cooperate with our work.” The director agreed.

Vivian Denzel looked at Bella. “So you are also an investigation officer who came from another city for this mission. I heard that you lived in a suite of a six-star hotel now. I’ll move to your suite, so we can work together.”

The director and other colleagues looked at each other faces. Their face looked numb. It seemed that all their actions and intentions will be watched.

Now, they couldn’t dare to do anything.


Drake and Millie took Vivian Denzel and Bella to the hotel.

Millie Bradley was still very lively all the way. Bella smiled and occasionally replied to her. Vivian Denzel tightly pursed her lips and stared at Millie Bradley, with her eyes those were sharp as hawks and falcons.

“I think above you two there must be the same person, right?” Millie Bradley asked with a smile.

“Try to be serious, what’s so funny? Inspector Bella and I are from the Discipline Inspection Center. Every Center has its own assigned tasks, and they assigned it to different people. We don’t know anything. Don’t spy. Be careful. Otherwise, the first to fall in the trap will be you.” Vivian Denzel replied.

Although Millie Bradley’s psychological quality was good, but she has been defeated directly. She didn’t talk more and dropped them at the hotel.

Drake Bradley showed a fake smile, “Millie’s grade is small, she is just a little talkative. Please forgive her.”

“It’s not a good thing to talk every time. It shows people that one doesn’t have a brain.” Vivian Denzel said and walked away.

“Don’t take it to heart. Officer Vivian is a little strict.” Bella patted Drake Bradley on the shoulder.

“Well, have some rest. I’ll pick you up at 2:30 in the afternoon.” Drake Bradley said and left.

Bella entered room 1829 and closed the door.

Vivian Denzel took out an IPAID from her bag.

Opened it.

IPAID beeped. There were six red dots flashing on the screen.

Bella twisted her eyebrows.

Vivian Denzel pressed a key and six red dots turned into green dots.

She put down the IPAID, saluted Bella respectfully, and reported, “I’m No. 1666 from the special military region. Chief told me to protect you and wait for your instructions. There are monitoring systems inserted into the room, do you want me to remove them?”

“Oh, yes… Just do it.” Bella was shocked for a while.

Bella’s mobile phone rang. It was James Grayson’s call. She answered it immediately.

“Have you met her? 1666.”

James Grayson’s voice came. She felt very safe and secure.