Chapter 157 The thing we do for love 1

“Um,” Bella answered.

After some time, she went back to her room.

They also knew that so many people had their eyes on them. Their every action has been watched. So they should be careful. She lay down on her bed and received a text.

Bella opened it. It was James.

“What are you doing?”

Bella smiled a little, after more than two months she really smiled with her heart, “Ready to go to bed, how about you?”

“Yes, together.”

Bella fell asleep holding her cell phone.

When Bella woke up, it was already very bright. She looked at the time.

It was 10:00 a.m.

“I am late.”

She got up, brushed her teeth, took a shower, dressed up and went out.

She passed by room 1827. The door was closed. She thought James Grayson must have left the hotel.

She went down the hall. Drake Bradley was already there.

Bella nodded politely, “well, I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

“It doesn’t matter. I heard that there was a murder in your room last night. I didn’t expect that the security captain of this hotel was such a person, and almost tried to frame Miss Bella.” Drake Bradley exchanged greetings.

“The one who did nothing cannot be framed. Let’s go.” Bella said and walked ahead.

In the Car.

Drake Bradley turned on the radio, which broadcasted live traffic conditions.

Bella looked out of the window.

“How long is Miss Bella going to stay here?” Drake Bradley asked tentatively.

“I don’t know. It shouldn’t be much longer. After all, my home and family is in the other city.” Bella wanted to relax their vigilance.

Drake Bradley pulled the corner of his mouth, “There’s something going on in the Discipline Inspection Center. Everyone is talking about it. I think if Miss Bella will hear it she will be hurt, but don’t worry such type of things often happens.”

Bella looked at Drake Bradley, “what is it?”

“They said that Miss Bella entered the discipline inspection commission through the back door, and the people above you are big names,” Drake Bradley said

“I got first position in the written examination. My image was not that I can’t pass the interview. As for the thing that people above me are very powerful, it’s true.” Bella said meaningfully.

Drake Bradley’s face was ugly, “Yes, these days everything depends on the personal relationship. To whom one can approach, if there are no contacts, one can only work at the bottom for a lifetime.”

Bella did not speak.

She used to think that it was David Wilson’s ability to be deputy director of the Health Bureau. But now he knew that it was because of his relationship with the president.

If James Grayson did not expose him, David Wilson would soon become the director of the Health Bureau in accordance with his normal career development.

After that, he can become Vice Mayor, mayor, vice governor, governor, step by step, he can reach to the president’s side and become the president’s right hand.

It took half an hour to reach the Discipline Inspection Center.

Walem procuratorate was a 27-floor high building. It looked bright and magnificent.

“The Discipline Inspection Center’s building looks very new,” Bella asked and followed Drake Bradley in.

“Yes, the center moved here 2 years ago.” Drake Bradley took a look at his wristwatch.

“Let’s meet the colleagues of our Discipline Inspection Center. After the meeting, we will go for lunch. It’s said that another investigation officer will come from another city today. When does Walem become a hot spot?”

“Don’t be too nervous. It’s just routine investigations.” Bella followed Drake Bradley into the office and met the colleagues of the inspection team.

“What cases are you dealing with now?” Bella asked.

The colleagues looked at each other and couldn’t answer casually.

“Officer Bella is really serious and responsible. She just thinks about her work but it’s time to eat. Millie Bradley has gone to receive the other investigation officer. Let’s go to eat first and talk about other things at the dining table.” Drake Bradley said perfunctorily.