Chapter 155 Let’s be together 1

Bella’s eyes turned red, and she stared at him. There was a clear reflection of him in her eyes.

She did not like him. She love him.

She has never liked a person so much. She wanted to give her heart and soul for him and try her best to be with him.

“Even if I like you or not, it can’t change our relationship,” Bella said rationally.

“So, Bella, you like me, don’t you?” James Grayson held her hand tightly.

Her answer was very important to him… her consent was like a little light in his dark life.

Bella’s eyes twinkled but there was no answer.

James Grayson pulled her closer and kissed her lips.

He kissed her deeply and fiercely as if he expressed his thoughts of two months’ with a kiss. The heart was astringent and sour.

He kissed her for long.

She knew that she should refuse him. She should be stubborn and should go on the path she chose for them.

But her heart melted.

Some emotions and desires are beyond reasoning!

Bella clenched her arm and deepened her strength. She closed her eyes and didn’t kiss him back. But she didn’t push him away and felt his breath all over her face.

It was strong and clean.

She really liked him.

She liked the way she loved him.

She liked the wooden cards he wrote for her.

She liked his kisses.

Unconsciously, she touched his broken finger. She felt as someone stabbed something in her heart. It hurt very much.

She had to be steadfast. She pushed him away and looked at him fiercely, “I’m going to my room.”

“Do you still want to stay here?” James Grayson stared at her.

“James Grayson, what do you like about Bella?” Bella asked, and tears fell down.

He bowed his head and licked her tears.

He held the back of her head and stroked his forehead against hers.

Three years ago, he touched her, investigated about her past. Heartache, pity, since then, she made a soft corner in his heart.

For three years, he often thought about her.

He thought, she and her husband must be happy. She is so beautiful, so strong, independent and intelligent. He never thought about interfering in her life.

Until a few months ago, he received a request for support from the armed forces. What he said there was unclear. He thought the hostage those people were holding must be Bella, so he personally came to rescue her.

But what he saw was not be Bella, but another woman of her husband.

From that day he considered her as his responsibility. He wanted to give her a good life. When he got in touch with her, he began to like her more. But he never expected that his love would drive her into another desperate situation.

Now he wanted to be strong, strong enough to fully protect her.

“I like everything of you. You don’t need to do anything. I just try to become the one that Bella likes.” James Grayson’s voice choked.

Bella looked at him with red eyes. “Go and do what you want to do. Leave me alone. Maybe if you stop caring about me, I will get enough room to breathe.”

“You’ll wait for me, right?” James Grayson was not sure.

James Grayson has always been confident publically, but in front of her, he always behaved desperately. He was afraid that she would give up on him easily.

“Time doesn’t always stay the same. Even after marriage, people take divorce. Live with someone for a lifetime is the longest confession. I don’t promise easily.” Bella opened the door and walked to her room.