Chapter 154 She doesn’t want his life but only him 2

“Miss. Bella, right? I have some doubts to ask you. Come with me.” James Grayson said. Then he walked to his room. His cold attitude was clear that strangers were not allowed to get in.

Bella lowered her head, followed by James Grayson.

“Bella, you can’t stay here. It is too dangerous.” As they entered the room, James Grayson spoke immediately.

“I’m not afraid of danger.”

“Haven’t you seen it? Today’s they set up everything for you. The security team captain, the security head, director, everyone was involved. Who are the people above them and who the people behind them are! We don’t know. If I was not here today, you would be locked in the charge of murder.” James Grayson’s eyes turned red.

Bella also knew it. She was also afraid. Fortunately, James Grayson took her away from the sky garden and lowered her down with a sling. If she has been caught at the scene, she can’t argue as she did.

“I will be more careful in the future, and I will not let them have another chance,” Bella promised.

“Defenseless, you cannot fight with them.” James Grayson came close to Bella, covered her figure with his strong aura, his breath was falling on her, and he looked at her carefully.

“Bella, tell me, what do you want? I’ll give it to you. If you agree to go abroad, I will be relieved.” James Grayson said solemnly.

His aura was so strong that no one can refuse.

“Can you give me anything I really want?” Bella asked, bit her teeth with resentment and her red eyes were fixed at him.

“You can even ask for my life.” James Grayson promised.

The mist spread in her eyes, and her heart ached as if a thorn penetrated in it.

Touch it and it will hurt.

She didn’t want his life. She wanted him.

That’s how she planned it.

Become an investigation officer first. She has Richard Johnson and Sierra Walker at the back. As long as she does her work, she can advance step by step. She wants to be in the cabinet. She wants to be successful. She wants to achieve her status.

So she could easily stand beside him.

Even if she could not qualify to be his wife, at least, she can stand close to him.

She knows that one day, her hard work will get paid off. She also knew it will be very difficult, but it will be better than to do nothing.

She can go abroad by leaving him in a mess and will escape all suffering. And one day, when he succeeds in marrying her, she can come back and can enjoy his hard-earned achievements and glory.

Bella, who couldn’t stand in hardship, was obviously not worthy of his love and devotion.

And if anything bad happened maybe, he won’t be able to succeed and they will lose each other forever. She couldn’t even have the chance of seeing him.

No matter what will happen in the future, at least, she can try hard now, and if they happened to be together, she will at least be worthy of his heart. She wanted to live with him without disappointing him.

“To live, to do something, to try. To do what is right, to fight for what is worth fighting. If one day, I die in the hands of those people, use legal means to avenge me.” Bella said and pushed the door.

James Grayson held her hand and pressed her on the chair, with her hard chest against her.

Bella saw the pain in his eyes.

He was a sharp, strong, iron man, but in front of her, he always showed his soft side. “Bella, do you still like me?” he asked.