Chapter 153 She doesn’t want his life but only him 1

“I didn’t lie, I didn’t.” The captain of the security guard opened his eyes and explained it to the police.

He turned his eyes and pointed to James Grayson. “I know why you are blaming me. You and Miss Bella must have an affair and be caught by someone. So you both killed him.”

“Are you a mad dog? Biting others without any logic.” Bella said angrily.

James Grayson was calm.

“Please use your mind to think about it. If it was a sudden murder, one wouldn’t need to prepare poison. With my skills, you can only find it out from this room after becoming a ghost.” James Grayson said sarcastically.

“I got it. You must have fed him poison first, but he didn’t die, so you used a dagger. Miss Bella got scared and screamed.” The security captain was not ready to surrender.

“She screamed and you heard it. You were on the 17th floor, in one minute you can come here to catch her. You said it was at 20:30, but you came here at 20:41. Excuse me, can you tell us what you are doing in 11 minutes. In addition,” James Grayson looked at the hotel manager with a sharp look. “Is there anyone except 1729 living near room 1829?”

“I’ll check.” The manager trembled for a moment.

“Three policemen will follow you. If someone dared to interfere, bring them to inquire.” James Grayson ordered.

James sharply glared at the security captain and asked the security head, “Give me an interrogation room. I think the murderer must be here.”

“I’m not the murderer. Even if you are a senior official, you can’t trap people casually.” The security captain said to James Grayson and looked at the security head.

But the face of the security head was numb and expressionless, “Just confess if you know anything. Don’t frame the innocent. Miss Bella is innocent. You will trouble many people by this.”

James Grayson raised his eyebrows. He put his hand on the table and stared at the security head.

The security head felt his gaze. He felt cold and his hands were trembling with fear.

After a moment

The police brought the guests from rooms 1727 and 1731.

“I can’t remember the time, but I heard women screaming and knocking at the door. The gap was no more than 2 minutes.” The guest of 1727 said.

“I remember the time. I heard the scream of a woman at about 21:39 and the door slammed at 21:41.” The guest of room 1731 said.

The security captain slumped in his chair and lowered his head. “No need to interrogate. I did the murder. He’s the curator of the cultural museum. I owe him 200,000 yuan.

I asked him to meet me in room 1929. When he reached the hotel, I insisted the security head to let the colleagues of the monitoring room come over to eat cake.

I took the opportunity to go out and turned off the surveillance cameras.

I poisoned him for fear that if he would not die completely. Then dragged him and throw it into room 1829. After that, I went to the security room to resume monitoring. For pretending normally, I went back to room 1729.

As soon as I got in, I heard the scream upstairs and rushed into room 1829 with other guards to frame the guests of room 1829. I asked my colleagues to put the poison in the wine cabinet while checking the room.”

“The plan is seamless. Anyways, arrest him.” James Grayson looked at him.

“Chief Grayson, you are excellent. It took less than an hour to investigate a precisely designed case.” The Director of Inspection Commission complimented James Grayson.

James Grayson raised his eyebrows and his eyes were deepened. This case has not been solved, but the security captain carried the black nest. There must be a mastermind behind this plot.