Chapter 152 Do you trust me 2

At 21:30, I felt a little tired. I saw the hotel garden swimming pool and went downstairs to the swimming pool.” Bella explained confidently.

“The surveillance camera over the pool should be separate, right?” The police asked the head of the security Center.

“Yes.” The security head of the hotel opened the video.

Bella went to the swimming pool at 21:42, swam twice, and left.

“Why did you swim only twice?” The policeman asked.

“The water was not very clean.” Bella said, “Officer, please try to find out the murderer. How can he die in my sky garden? It is very strange.”

“After getting the details, we will investigate it.” The policeman said

“How could this kind of incident happen?” The security head of the hotel asked.

“You didn’t notice that surveillance was missing for half an hour. How will you justify it?” The police questioned the security captain.

“Today, we had a birthday party, so we opened a room for the birthday party in 1729. It’s registered with my ID card. The person on duty was called by me to celebrate it with us.” The security head of the hotel explained.

“By the way, when we were in room 1729, I heard a woman’s scream in room 1829, so I rushed over with my people.” The security captain explained.

“At what time did you hear it?” The policeman noticed something.

“I am sure it was at 21:30. Besides, I am sure it was the voice of a woman. We all heard it.” The security captain said and looked at Bella strangely.

“You mean I killed that man?” Bella asked the security captain.

“Officer, let’s suppose, the man came to Miss Bella at 21:10. Miss Bella killed him in 20 minutes and then screamed at 21:30. We rushed in at 20:41. She hurried to the swimming pool at 20:30 to produce evidence of her absence.” The security captain narrated the whole scene.

Bella smiled. “Please, this man looked strong enough. You really think I can fight with him? Besides, I don’t even know who he is. Why does he come to me? Why do I kill him?”

“Yes, it’s possible for you to stab him with a dagger, but maybe before that, you have given him some kind of poison.” The security captain said confidently.

James Grayson raised his eyebrows and a sharp light reflected in his eyes,

The officers of the forensics Center came in and reported to the security head, “We found a bottle of XXXX poison in the room. We will go back and dissect the corpse to further determine whether the murder used the dagger or poison.

“See, I told you.” The security Captain stood up excitedly.

“You mean she killed the man and screamed to let you know?” James Grayson said in a cold voice.

“She’s deliberately created the evidence that she was not there.” The security captain replied.

“If she can create the evidence of her absence, how could she leave the poison behind? In addition, I heard the scream next door at 21:39, which is not in line with what you reported. You heard it at 21:30.

Besides, after the scream, in about 1 or 2 minutes, I heard the door knocking and slamming sounds, due to which I came out. Why are you lying? Are you the murderer?” James Grayson asked.

The head of the security guard turned pale and quibbled, “Maybe my watch is not showing the right time.”

James Grayson grabbed the wrist of the security captain and said, “I’m sorry, but your watch is showing the right time.”