Chapter 151 Do you trust me 1

Bella was very rational, but it was too sudden that she got scared. She was extremely frightened, she held James Grayson’s hand, “how could someone suddenly die here?”

James Grayson seemed to understand, “someone conspired against you.”

Bang, bang, bang!

There were continuous knocks on the door.

“James go, go… leave now, otherwise, they will suspect that the man saw us together and we killed him. They have planned big.” Bella said in an emergency.

Give a dog a bad name, then hang him.

“Bella, do you trust me?” James Grayson asked coldly.

“I do,” Bella said without hesitation.


The security guard of the hotel rushed in and looked directly at the balcony.

“Reporting to the head, a dead man was found in the balcony. No murderer was found.” The security team searched and reported to the captain.

The security captain twisted his eyebrows and swept the room and commanded, “Search the room.”

“What are you doing here?” James Grayson opened the door of his room, walked out and asked.

“A murder took place in this room. We are investigating it, please stay away.” The security captain said angrily.

James Grayson narrowed his eyes, grabbed the security captain’s neck and pushed him to the door. The cold light suddenly appeared in his eyes.

There was no room for the security captain to struggle.

“What identity do you have to shout on me? Even if there is a murdered, it’s not something that a small security captain like you can handle. Got it?” James Grayson said coldly.

The face of the captain turned white.

James Grayson shook off his collar, called out, and ordered, “Call the police Center of Walem City, there is a murder in room 1829 of Walem Hotel and tell them to reach here within 30 minutes.”

The captain’s face became even worse when James Grayson called.

“Reporting to the captain, there is no one in this room.” The other security officers reported.

The security captain frowned. “Go and search again.”

James Grayson stood straight at the door. “It’s better to wait for the police to come and make it clear.”

Ten minutes later–

Bella came out of the elevator, her hair was wet and she walked to the door. She looked shocked and asked surprisingly, “Why are you in my room?”

The security captain saw Bella coming from outside and his eyes were widely opened. He looked at the sky garden and Bella again. His eyes were twinkling and he lowered his head.

“What happened?” The security head of the hotel also came.

“Sir, there’s a dead man in room 1829, but it’s weird that there’s no murderer.” The security captain reported.

The security head took a look at Bella and said, “Check the surveillance cameras.”

James Grayson narrowed his eyes, looked at the security head with sharp eyes, “Normally, police handle these matters.”

The security head of the hotel immediately lowered her head and nodded, “Yes, yes.”

Half an hour later–

Director of Walem police station, investigation team, hotel manager, security head of the hotel, security captain, James Grayson, Bella, and all others came to the monitoring room.

They were looking at the video.

The time for Bella to check-in was 20:12. The time for James Grayson to enter Bella’s room was 20:20, and the time for James Grayson to leave Bella’s room was 20:30.

But the video was blank from 21:30 to 21:40.

At 21:41, security guards rushed into Bella’s room and found someone dead. At 21:51, Bella came back from outside.

“Ms. Bella, what did you do from 21:10 to 21:40?” The police asked Bella.

“After Mr. Grayson left, I did some internet browsing.

Because I am a special investigation officer transferred to Walem City, I need to understand the culture of Walem city. You can find all the records of my browsing.