Chapter 150 I won’t let anyone hurt you again 2

“After drinking wine, don’t drink tea water. It’s not good for health. Cold boiled water and honey can relieve a headache.” Bella said in a low voice.

James Grayson took the water cup handed by Bella, took a sip, and looked at her.

After a silence of more than ten seconds, he said in a deep voice, “You should know it’s a thief ship, how you decided to retreat? I think it’s too dangerous. I can arrange for you to go to a foreign hospital for further studies. You can come back in two years. I assure you till then, I have solved everything.”

“Solved what?” Bella also poured herself a glass of water and took a sip.

After two years she will just be a mediocre doctor. She didn’t think the Grayson family would accept her. After this Anna Wilson, there will be next “Anna Wilson”.

“You should know what I mean?” James Grayson looked at her with eyes burning.

Bella’s eyes were cold, she didn’t look at him, but she was quite sure, “I know better what kind of life I want. Chief Grayson, you don’t have to meddle in my affairs.”

“Is there really no plan for me in your life?” James Grayson asked with a lot of pain in his heart.

Bella felt a little prickly. She didn’t want to answer. She went to the door, opened it, and said, “I want to sleep. Don’t come close to me. One finger was the price and I have paid for it. I can’t bear further consequences.”

James Grayson tightened his eyebrows and walked towards the door. She looked calm, but she has clenched her fists long ago.

He walked out of her room.

Bella closed the door.

He said that he would arrange for her to study abroad.

He said to her to wait for two years. She understood his hint.

Bella smile but the tears rolled down.

“James Grayson, just two years? I can wait for you for twenty years.”


She didn’t sleep and studied the history of Walem on the Internet.

Walem was an ancient city.

In ancient times, this city was the imperial city of several kings. Under this ancient city, there was a hidden history of generations.

To be honest, there were antiques everywhere under the ground. The whole city was full of ancient flavor and was a tourist attraction.

With the help of geologists, historians, and archaeologists, the state has demarcated the cultural reserve of Walem city.

No earth was allowed to exploit cultural reserves. Outside the reserve, they can vigorously develop the economy.

Bella didn’t think it was that simple!

She checked that the hotel she stayed in belongs to the Walem municipal government. In a city, how much financial expenditure should be needed to use such a luxurious hotel to let relevant people live free of charge?

It must be their old nest.

She was already on a thief ship. She had to plan everything carefully.

Bella had a headache. She went to the balcony of her room. The balcony was very spacious, there were a sitting arrangement, a flower gallery, and a small garden. Moonlight was bright and falling on her, through her clothes, it fell on her skin and let her think more clearly.

Suddenly, she saw something moving.

She looked to the right.

There was a man as if just waking up and rising from the ground. There was blood all over on his body and a knife in his chest, he walked towards her. “Help me.”

Bella screamed and thought whose prank it can be.

The man fell straight in front of Bella, and his hand was on Bella’s feet.

James Grayson heard Bella’s scream, walked to his balcony and jumped to Bella’s room without even thinking for a second.

He jumped over without considering that it was the 18th floor.

If he falls, he will die.

He pulled Bella into his arms and hugged her.