Chapter 15 Want nothing but divorce

Bella lay in bed but couldn’t fall asleep. She took out her cell phone and played a snake game.

Suddenly the phone rang.

She couldn’t press the direction key. Her snake hit the wall and died.

Bella got angry and answered David Wilson’s phone, asking impatiently, “What’s wrong with you?”

“David, come on, I want it!” His assistant’s voice came in.

Bella frowned, sat up and leaned on the back of the bed, “Hello?”

“Little hussy, I really can’t feed you enough. Where do you want? Here?” David Wilson’s voice came.

“Don’t do that. It will get hurt!” His assistant said delicately.

“No? Want to have it this way?” David Wilson’s voice is full of evil charm.


The voice inside the cell phone was getting louder and louder. Bella held the mobile phone and listened to it, her eyelashes trembled and her eyes were empty.

She could feel her heartache as if the heart had been thrown into a meat grinder and had difficulty breathing. But she didn’t want to hang up. Why should they still keep this marriage? In this marriage, she had suffered endless injuries. She didn’t feel happy for a single moment.

It’s just that she still thought of those happy times and still held a little hope for him. So she insisted to keep it. Now she has to bear his cruelty so deeply that she would never think of him again in the future.

“Honey, what if Bella… saw us like this?” The assistant’s voice came over.

“Well.” David Wilson grunted then said angrily and irritably, “When we are doing our thing don’t mention her!”

“Ah, my David, why we talk about her? I will do as u say.” The assistant said deliberately.

“Badly Influence my mood.” David Wilson said in disgust.

Bella pulled corners of her mouth tears flowed out quietly. It’s not because she’s still in love with him but because she feels sorry for the past. Love someone with all your strength all you get in return is betrayal.

If she continues their relationship, she would despise herself.

The phone got disconnected from the other side.

Bella slowly lay back in bed, looked at the white ceiling quietly feeling pain flowing into her heart into her blood and even to in her whole body.

In David Wilson’s Villa …

The assistant’s eyes were filled with glory. Those conversations were recorded by her some days ago. This time, Bella should be very angry.

David Wilson came out of the bathroom, wearing a towel looking sexy and horny.

He glanced at his cell phone, picked it up opened the call record and saw Bella’s name, his facial expressions changed and he sharply looked to her assistant and asked, “Did you call her?”

The assistant was shocked, her body trembled. Her eyes were red and her tears poured out. “Mr. Wilson please save me. I just wanted to apologize to her. You know, if she said all that nonsense in front of the media my parents would know. She will add fuel to the fire and how I spend my life.”

“Are you still in touch with your previous social circle?” David Wilson twisted her eyebrows and looked fiercely at her assistant.

“Of course not. I was out of it for a long time. I am with you, and I won’t go back. I’m clean and l love you. The document that Bella’s shows to you were when I was eighteen years old and ignorant I made a mistake. But David Wilson please save me. I only love you.” The assistant cried.

David looked at her carefully.

He asked Bella to go home and waited for her for a long time. He got angry and called another woman. He had never got so angry with her.

Bella saw David Wilson’s calls and answered it coldly.

“If you put Lisa’s information on social media, I’ll deal with you hard,” David said bitterly.

“Hu…” Bella gave a gentle laugh, tears were falling silently, “Why don’t you let me go?”

“I’ll not even let you be a doctor only I say a word.” David Wilson threatened her.

Maybe he’s not giving her threats. He’s talking about facts which are going to happen to her.

She didn’t want to go on with this life. She has the choice of liberation, doesn’t she?

“David Wilson, let’s divorce. I agree to divorce you. I don’t have any conditions. See you tomorrow in the Civil Affairs Bureau.” Bella said coldly.

After saying this out, she felt some relief.

“What did you say?” David Wilson twisted his eyebrows, he wasn’t calm.

She asked him for a divorce!!!

Even knowing that he was the leader of her kidnapping, she did not hesitate to force him to marry her. Now she wanted nothing but divorce.

“Are you in your senses?” David Wilson was angry.

“Never been more than now. Other than that you dislike me because you think I am dirty, I don’t either think you are clean. On the contrary, in my eyes, you are a piece of crap.” Bella bluntly responded.

“I’m crap then why do you want to marry me?” David Wilson roared, his eyes were red he clenched his fist tightly and the green tendons on the back of his hands burst.

“I was kidnapped by your lover. As I tried to escape, I saw you and your love having sex in the car. I knew that it was a good play that you had planned.” Bella stated.

“But I didn’t plan you to sleep with other men.” David Wilson burst with anger.

“Nothing had happened if you hadn’t tied me to the wilderness. You have not planned does not mean that your lover has also not planned this. I was thinking about why you did that to me!” There is hatred in Bella’s eyes and tone.

“Because you are cheap.” David Wilson scolded irrationally.

“So I married you, to bring endless pain to you. I also want you to see that face every day that you hate the most so that you get no comfort and peace in your life so you cannot stay happy.” Bella blurts.

“Then why don’t you stick to it?” David Wilson asked coldly.

“Because I chose to free myself. So you can do whatever you want, even if you get sick it will have nothing to do with me.” Bella said coldly and hung up the phone.

David Wilson gripped the cell phone and tried to smash it.

Lisa Stark asked anxiously, “What does Bella say?”

David Wilson’s sharp eyes swept toward Lisa Stark. Red blood spreads in his eyes like sharp ice needles, which can smash people.

Lisa Stark did not know what Bella had said.

David Wilson’s face made her tremble with fear.

“What the hell did you say to her?” David Wilson asked coldly which made Lisa Stark shiver.