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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 15 Three Years Later

In a flash, three years had passed.

For a young girl, the medical expenses of her mother, even if she did not eat or drink and worked for 24 hours a day, was still an astronomical figure.

If the doctor did not take special care of the mother and daughter, the mother would have to be stopped treatment.

And the little girl who had congenital heart disease had died. When she left, she gave the laptop to Alice.

Recently, her mother’s health was very poor. She ate very few every day. When she saw her daughter was so hard every day, she always washed her faces with tears.

The mother persuaded Alice many times to give up her treatment, because she couldn’t hold her back.

Each time Alice would ask her mother, “Are you not going to have a daughter? Do you cruelly leave your daughter alone and live alone in this world?”

The mother choked and couldn’t say a word.

Alice said, “Mom, as long as I can see you every time when I come back from work, as long as I can still call you Mom, I can lean on your arms when I’m tired, and you can hug me, I’m satisfied, I’m not tired , and I feel I am fulfilling.”

“Silly girl……”

After feeding her mother for dinner, Alice said to her, “Mom, I’m going to work. You have to go to bed early. Don’t wait for me to come back.”

“Okay, be careful.”


As soon as she stepped out of her mother’s ward, she met Doctor Ran coming to the ward, who was her mother’s attending doctor.

“Doctor Ran.” Alice greeted him politely. In the past three years, she was very grateful to the doctor. If it was not for his kindness, her mother would have been kicked out of the hospital.

Dr. Ran smiled warmly and looked at her, his big hand being gentle on her hair, “Go to work now?”

Dr. Ran, John Ran, thirty-one years old, a gentle cardiologist, is a perfect doctor in the hearts of nurses in the hospital, even female patients and their family.

In front of him, Alice looked like a child who had always been good and hard-working.

Alice nodded, “Yes.”

Dr. Ran smiled slightly. “Be careful.”

“Got it.”

After Alice left, John looked at her thin and small back, thinking that she was living so hard every day, but she still smiled in front of outsiders.

She must not know that she was a girl whom every wanted to love.

It was windy tonight, and just after walking out of the hospital hall, Alice shivered, her mind suddenly flashed back to that night three years ago.

Ben covered his bleeding heart and glared angrily at her, ‘Alice, from now on, we are set apart. ‘

The eyes had been moistened, and both hands were placed in the jacket pocket. After raising her head high, she took a deep breath and opened her eyes, waiting for the mist in her eyes to dissipate.

The moon tonight, like the moon of the night three years ago, was big, round, and bright.

After tears were forced back by her, she lowered her head, and there was a bitterness in her mouth.

During the day she worked in the hospital’s restaurant, and at night she had to walk 30 minutes to the bar.

She would only take bus when the weather was bad. Although it only costs one dollar, for her, one dollar for a month can also help her mother buy some fruit.

Walking alone on the sidewalk, the willow branches on the road swayed with the cool autumn wind. At this time, there were not many pedestrians on the road, but men and women in love were always on the way.


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