Chapter 15 The Car Exploded

Jessica had just lost her baby, for the sake of which Christian asked Vivian to go back home to cook for her in spite of his displeasure with the decision.

Jessica smiled secretly in bed because she had prepared something special for Vivian on her way home.

“Jessica, she pushed you downstairs, why are you asking her to cook for you? I don’t trust her at all.” Christian said.

Jessica was worried and softhearted at the same time, “No, no, I didn’t take good care of myself. It’s not my sister’s fault.”

She held his hand to feel her flat belly and sobbed, “It’s a pity that our baby didn’t get the chance to see the world and his father. It’s my entire fault…”

Her self-accusation made Christian feel sorrier for her. He tried to recall things in the past to shift her attention to save her from excessive grief.

A beautiful woman attracted many people on the street.

Vivian was on her way to the hospital. She wanted to run away, while the electronic shackles covered by the clothes constantly reminded her not to.

Wherever she went, Christian would find her in no time!

When she was about to walk into the hospital with a jar of soup, someone stopped her.

“Vivian, come with me. I’ve found a way to unlock the shackles!” Patrick grabbed her hand with excitement as if no one was watching, “I’m taking you to a place he couldn’t find!”

He had tried his best to find a way to unlock the shackles ever since he lost touch with her. His persistence finally paid off.

“Patrick…”She almost cried out when she saw his haggardness. She had never expected that Patrick would be the one to reach out to her in the darkest hour of her life.

He was happy to see her, but he dared not to stay long. He hurried her to go, “We must get out of here before it’s too late.”

“I wondered why you agreed to look after Jessica. It turns out you’ve made a plan with someone else. I’m very disappointed you, Vivian Joseph!”

There came Christian’s cold voice from behind them. Vivian was startled and turned around to meet his icy cold eyes. She put on a sorrowful smile.

“I thought you wouldn’t expect anything of me.” She said, “I’m the one who should have said it. I will stop loving you from now on. We are done.”

Patrick stood in front of her with a straight face, “Christian, this is the last time I would ever call your name. If you don’t love her, please let her leave with me.”

“She is mine when she is alive. She will still be mine even when she is dead. You don’t deserve to have her!”

“Christian North!” Patrick became more agitated and his eyes were extremely red, “I resent myself for being indecisive when I should had proposed to her. Otherwise she wouldn’t have suffered so much because of you!”

They verbal battle became so intense that a physical fight seemed imminent. To avoid possible consequences on both sides, Vivian hastily stepped forward to intervene.

Christian grabbed her arm and quickly dragged her to his car to lock her in it.

“Christian North, let me out of here!” She kept banging on the car windows and pulling door handles, but all in vain. She was locked inside the car, for sure.

Outside the car, the two men got into a fierce fight. As a doctor who was more comfortable with a scalpel, Patrick was obviously no match for Christian.

Vivian desperately banged on the window, “Patrick! Leave me alone! Go now!”

“Vivian, wait for me!”

After driving Patrick away with his fists, Christian took a glance at Vivian who was already drenched in tears by now, which annoyed him very much. He turned around to light a cigarette in a quiet corner nearby.

But he kept seeing her crying face through the haze of smoke. He threw the cigarette butt on the ground angrily and crushed it with his foot.

Just as he was about to walk back to the car, there suddenly came a thunderous sound of explosion.

He stumbled. Choking smoke was blowing in the wind. There was plenty of debris whose coating looked familiar.

He froze for a moment before suddenly rushing to the scene. A member of the emergency team stopped him, “Sir, you can’t go in there. It could explode again!”

The car where Vivian had been locked was now wrapped in raging flames. The ground was covered with debris and blood.

Then he caught sight of something familiar in the debris. It was the electronic shackles he had put on her with his own hands.

No! No way! She must be alive, in the car!

The scorching flames led to a second explosion in the fuel tank!

“God, no…”Devastated, he recklessly rushed to the car…