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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 15 Performance

“Ouch!” The charming woman who was hit by cart knit her brows. She glared at Jessica and said through gritted teeth, “Are you blind? Look what you’ve done. If my clothes is stained, will you pay for it?”

Her voice sounded familiar to Jessica. She looked up and found it was Amy Scott who was followed by her last time.

It was obvious that she bumped into it herself blindly, but she blamed me?

Looking at Amy Scott’s ugly face, Jessica was speechless. She really did not know how could her brother Ryan take a fancy to such a bimbo. Was he blind?

“I’m sorry.” Jessica restrained herself temporarily for what she was going to do later. She apologized and left in a hurry.

“What’s wrong with this hotel? Any waiter could be hired!” Amy Scott worried about her dress which was a million dollar. She found it was not dirty and breathed a sigh of relief. She recalled the appearance of the waiter and frowned.

Why did she think the waiter looked a little familiar?

The appointed time has come, so the audition began formally. Jessica was watching in the crowd secretly.

This popular IP was the republican period drama. It told a story that the heroine’s parents were killed because of the war of resistance. The heroine disguised as an agent working for the puppet national government. She wanted to seduce the hero commander and kill him.

The pay for quite a few female stars here was millions of dollars. They were very famous. However, director Johnson was obviously not interested in superstars, but liked those new faces.

“Next, Carol!”

A thin girl in a cheongsam went up to introduce herself. Perhaps because she was too nervous, the toy pistol slipped out of her hand and fell at Jessica’s feet in the middle of the performance.

Jessica was watching, fascinated. When she saw the pistol sliding over, she subconsciously picked up. She made a movement of loading the magazine and then threw it to the girl.

The girl caught it exactly and continued to perform.

“Good, good.” After the girl’s performance, director Johnson was the first to applaud. He looked toward Jessica and seemed to be quite interested. “That little girl, come here.

“Oh, me?” Jessica pointed to herself. Seeing the director nodding, she went up.

Director Johnson asked, “Why did you do that?”

Seeing everybody staring at herself, she had to explained. “Because usually there are twelve rounds bullets. She has fired twelve times and has ran out of the bullets, so I reloaded the magazine for her. ”

“You are really smart.” The director Johnson praised her. “Do you want to have a try?”

“No, I’m just a worker.” Jessica waved and wanted to go back quickly. She was here to punish Alex, and didn’t want to audition.

“Give it a try.” Director Johnson stopped her, cheerfully. “There is no conflict between that you are a waiter and that you like performing. “I’ll choose one for you, and I’ll see you play opposite each other.”

Director Johnson casually pointed to an actor who came to the audition. It was just Alex!

Very good!

Jessica simply took off the hat. Her wavy hair fell, revealing her fair face. Alex who approached saw Jessica, and then his pupil contracted slightly as if he could not believe.

Jessica bowed to director Johnson and smiled. “I’ll try.”

Director Johnson nodded, “No script, you can improvise. I’m just having a look.”

“Jessica, what are you doing?” After close to Jessica, Alex said in a low voice, “Cut it out! You haven’t performed for such a long time. What if you make a fool of yourself in front of director Steven.”

“Why? Are you afraid that my behavior will bring disgrace on you?” Jessica whispered in his ear, breathing hot. “Alex, so many people are looking at you. You can not be too embarrassed.”

Jessica reached to pull her long skirt violently. After a sound of ripping, a large piece of cloth was pulled down, revealing the slender and white legs. It was so attractive that the eyes of the men around became hot.

Alex gritted his teeth.

This was a performance. He had to recapture the initiative. That would be terrible if he was really suppressed by Jessica.

The atmosphere was tense. The man who was selfish and overbearing met the woman and wanted to keep her around. The woman who was seductive and charming counterattacked and wanted the man to be her slave.

“Be my slave, and I will be good to you.” The woman smiled tenderly. She snuggled up to the man and her hands were stroking and teasing his body. The man’s breathing became heavier as if he could not hold it.

“Good, very good!” Director Johnson was very excited. He really enjoyed watching it, and clapped loudly.

The people around them realized and began to applaud.