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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 15 Eating crabs

This word made the William’s thin lips close more tightly, just like two frozen lines, but his expression on the face was still light.

Angie was so jealous that she looked at William. ” Although I can’t cook, I can warm your bed.

“Cough!” Vanessa was choked on the barley tea and coughed strongly.

John patted her gently on the back and said with concern, “Vanessa, are you okay?”

Vanessa shook her head and bit her lip. “Nothing.”

“William.” When William refused to answer, Angie grabbed him by the arm and shook him.

“Well, we’ll talk about that in a few days,” he said.

Angie pouted her lips and looked very reluctant. She was afraid that William would say something for a few days and then forget it.

The crabs are delicious, but Vanessa really doesn’t want to be there.

If she had known she would meet William and Angie, she would never have come.

When John went to check out, he said that Angie had just come back from abroad and he was Vanessa’s boyfriend so he should invite her to dinner.

John laughed. “If it’s not enough, just ask for more.”

“That’s more like it!”

On the way out, Angie led Vanessa.

After glancing back and finding the two men far away, Angie whispered in Vanessa’s ear, “Vanessa, do you have the phone number of that old classmate of William’s?”

Vanessa was puzzled. “No, what’s wrong?”

“William!” Angie pouted and sulked. “I found him had been with other women,” she said.

Vanessa had no reason to panic when she heard this. She almost fell when her high heels hit a stone. Angie held her steady. “Watch the road, Vanessa. The gravel path is not easy to walk on.”

“I, I really didn’t.” Vanessa tried not to panic. Her voice was as natural as possible. “He just brings his wife to my store a lot to buy shoes.”

Taking a glance at Angie, Vanessa added, “Are you worried too much? The media hasn’t caught him with any woman in recent years. How do you know…”

“He had two pillows on his bed, and one of the pillows smelled of Gucci perfume. That doesn’t prove it?” Angie rolls her eyes and snorts, “And that Gucci perfume I used in college. It’s familiar.”

Vanessa became more nervous.

William said that the Gucci one smelled well, so she would spray it occasionally. She had cleaned everything up when she left, but she forgot the quilt and pillows on the bed.

Angie continued: “The media didn’t catch it, which proved that they didn’t want their relationship to be exposed. Oh, Vanessa, when you meet that old classmate again, you can help me ask his phone number, ok?”

Vanessa had never seen Angie like this before. She was worried, wary, as if she was afraid of losing her man.

“Angie, if…” Vanessa bit her lip and asked Angie, “What would you do if William did have other woman and she was even a classmate of ours?”

“As long as she doesn’t bother him anymore, I won’t mind what happened before.” “To tell you the truth,” said Angie, walking along with Vanessa, “I wish when I was abroad. Vanessa, you were with William…”