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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 15 Different Protection

If they don’t have sexual relationship, everything is all in time.

Talking about this kind of thing openly, Lily’s ears are getting hot and turning red slowly. She doesn’t need to talk about it. Abby also knows that it’s too late. What she should not do has been done.

“You…” Abby is speechless, and does not know what to say.

Lily is afraid that Abby will looks down upon herself, and hurriedly explains, “I can’t control this matter. It was an accident…”

“Lily, Rex is not an ordinary person. It’s not so easy for you to provoke him.” Abby has heard of something about Rex. This man’s position is very high, and no woman can arouse his interest.

It does not mean Lily is not good. She’s very good, but the beauty and simplicity is different from Rex.

She’s afraid that Lily will get nothing, and in the end she’ll lose.

Abby sees Lily is also at a loss, and sighs, “Can you still leave all over now? If you can, then what he can help you, I also can help. So you don’t have to worry.”

Lily is stunned and confused. “I don’t know, or I’ll talk to him.”

“Forget it.” Abby suddenly waves her hand. “In my opinion, if a man like Rex has made a decision, it’s hard to change. You can’t get any benefits now.”

Lily’s expression is too terrible. Abby can’t bear it, so she stops attacking her. “OK, it’s not too bad. Rex is single. You’re single now. Maybe you can develop further. You should be in love. If he bullies you, I’ll be the first to rush up to avenge you.”

Lily smiles, but her heart is muddy. Fall in love? It will be great if it is true. It’s a pity that for Rex, she is just a tool for him to vent.

After chatting with Abby for a while, they have dinner at Hilton restaurant. At seven o’clock, Lily can’t sit down more and says she must take a taxi first.

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Abby still has half a bottle of red wine to drink

Lily explains the reason, “Rex said that I should be home at 8 o’clock.”

Abby opens her mouth, and feels shocked. She does not expect that Rex who is powerful in the rumor is just a mortal.

She eases her expression and then stands up. “I’ll take you home.”

“No, it’s not convenient for you. I can take a taxi.”

Abby doesn’t continue to insist, “Well, keep safe on your way.”

Forty minutes later, the taxi stops at the gate of villa group. Because of the security check, the taxi could not enter.

Lily pays to get out of the car and is walking inside. After seeing her, the security guard asks her to take the small four-wheel car of the villa group and takes her to the door.

After whispering thanks, Lily takes out the key from her bag that Rex gave her during the day. The light is turned in the living room. The man is sitting on the sofa watching today’s financial news.

When he hears the noise at the door, and looks back. “Yes, it’s on time.”

Lily is relieved. She lowers her head to replace the flat shoes on her feet. When she bends down to put them up, a man suddenly blocks up behind her. His warm palm is around her waist, and she is pulled back a little. Her buttocks are against the hard leg of the man.

“Ah!” Lily is frightened, and gets up quickly. She wants to turn around, but she is pushed directly on the shoe cabinet in front of her. She holds the edge of the cabinet with her hands, slightly sideways. “Rex…”

“I’m here.” While the man is saying, his hands already under her skirt and the rude actions make the woman scream.

“What’s the matter with you?” Intuition tells her that today’s Rex is abnormal.

“I’m in a bit of a bad mood.” In a case he accepted, one of the plaintiffs actually committed suicide at home. A single mother, who was very similar to his childhood situation, inevitably brought a little emotion.

It’s useless to say more at this time. The best thing is to make love totally. It’s all based on the body instinct and he doesn’t think about anything.

However, such a strong occupation reminds Lily of Tim, especially the man behind her now. If she can’t see his face clearly, she will be more frightened.

She difficultly says, “I don’t want to have sex today, how about another day? I really don’t want to…”

Rex never thought about her feelings before. If he wanted, he would do. But today he couldn’t go on because the woman in front of him begins to shiver.

He makes a move, grabs her by the shoulder and turns her around.

Under the wall lamp in the porch, the woman’s face is pale and terrible, and the corner of her eyes is a little bright. At last, the man’s eyes stop.

There is a dark red scab on the lips that was injured.

He remembers that it was perfect when she went out today.

Lily sees that he suddenly becomes overcast and fierce. Before she can speak, the man suddenly leans close to her collar and sniffed. He is even more violent. “You didn’t go to the hospital.”

Lily’s heart is thumping, but she doesn’t figure out how to explain it. The man’s finger has been pressed her.

With enough strength to make her ache, he rubs and rolls. After a few times, dark red blood seeps out again from the scabby place, and overflows along the lip corner.

Lily is in pain, and she whispers once, but she never dare to make another voice again. In front of her, the man’s face is gloomy and terrible, as if in a black storm.

She lied.

Rex looks at her lips stained with blood and presses heavily, “Explain.”

Lily is frightened by him, and apologizes, “I, I’m sorry.”

Rex smiles creepily. “So you lied to me, huh?”

Lily opens her mouth, but she couldn’t make any sound. Her throat seems to be in distress.

“I’m the one who really dislikes to be cheated.” Rex looks at her eyes like a knife with cold light. He raises his hand and strokes her cheek, pointing to the delicate skin under his belly, which make people want to destroy. “You say how can I punish you?”

After that, he no longer gives Lily any chance to breathe. He pulls her long hair back and forces her to raise her head and gnaws her neck like a beast, leaving mottled marks.

Lily slaps her hands at random. She accidentally sweeps her arm to the bag on the shoe cabinet and the bag falls to the ground with a crash. The files in it also come out.

Rex doesn’t want to stop, but he stops instinctively after scanning the words “divorce agreement”

He takes a look at the trembling woman in front of him, and crouches down to pick up the document. And it takes only a few seconds to figure out why she lied, “You went to meet him.”

Lily embraces herself with both hands, nods with red eyes, “He called my mom and told her that I did something wrong. My mom doesn’t know about our divorce yet. ”

Rex puts the divorce agreement aside and raises her chin. “Did he touch your mouth?”

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