Chapter 149 I won’t let anyone hurt you again 1

James Grayson heard her voice and believed that it was really Bella in front of him. His eyes sank down as if water mist condensed in them, it seemed dark and inexplicable.

How long has it been since he saw her?

Sixty-five days.

They met in summer, and now it was late autumn.

“Are you ok?” James Grayson asked in a hoarse voice, his voice choked.

Bella unconsciously looked at his broken finger, and her eyes turned red.

She didn’t know how to hide her emotions now. She said in a cold voice, “It is not appropriate to rewind the past now. Don’t fall into the trap of others.”

“I have already come in, even if it’s a trap I can’t hide.” James Grayson sat by the bathroom and stared at her. He didn’t mean to leave. “You looked weak.”

“Skinny is a new fashion.”

“I don’t think so.” James Grayson said lightly.

Bella lowered her head. After all, she wasn’t wearing any clothes. It was very difficult to talk like this. In their current relationship and position even chat was not suitable, and she can imagine what can happen if someone saw them like this.

“I want to go out,” Bella said with twinkling eyes.

“I’ll wait for you outside.” James Grayson turned around and went out.

Bella smelled a strong smell of wine from his body.

She thought that she was the only one in the room, so she didn’t bring her clothes here. She stood up to get the bath towel.

James Grayson opened the door again. His deep eyes fell on her.

Bella was stunned.

James Grayson didn’t turn away his face.

Bella didn’t panic or scream.

After all, he has already seen her.

She surrounded herself with a bath towel.

James Grayson carried her suitcase in. “I found you didn’t bring your clothes here. So I came to give you this.”

“Um,” Bella answered.

James Grayson closed the door.


Bella changed the clothes and went out, James Grayson was standing at the window. The reflection in the window showed his clear and meaningful appearance.

She saw that there was no hidden sadness in his eyes.

He also looked at her through the reflection of the window and had already concealed his emotions.

“I called them to ask, this room is booked by the Discipline inspection center, so, there was no registration, the personnel on the front desk has changed and they didn’t know that this room was occupied by you not me, they have changed my room, next to you, 1827.” James Grayson explained.

“Um.” Bella lowered her eyes quietly.

James Grayson looked at her, swallowed the bitter water, and kept staring at her with his deep eyes, “Why you decided to join Discipline Inspection Commission? It will be good for you to stay a doctor.”

Bella looked up at him and said meaningfully, “Wanted to change a job, mood, environment, and life.”

“Richard Johnson is nice to you?” James Grayson asked worriedly.

He had thousands of words to say to her, but all choked in his throat.

“It’s very good to be a special investigation officer, to transfer here for supervision, to live in a luxury suite, and to enjoy the flattery of others. Richard Johnson has done a lot for me.” Bella said calmly.

She didn’t want him to worry.

“Are you here to investigate Steven Maxwell?” James Grayson asked directly.

“Um.” Bella did not deny, “I think he is one of the executioners behind the incident of Athens villagers.”

“Do you know why you can live in such a good room?”

“I’m already on their ship. They’re setting up a bureau for me.” Bella guessed, she poured some water and found a bottle of honey.

She added the honey in water and handed it to James Grayson.