Chapter 148 It’s been a thousand years since I last saw you 2

She didn’t know how she would face James Grayson if she saw him. She was afraid of hurting his heart and more afraid of hurting her own heart.

Drake Bradley sent Bella to the best six-star hotel.

“You Procuratorate’s building is really good.” Bella was surprised.

“No, actually, there were no vacant rooms in the dormitory of our procuratorate. It was not suitable for others to move. This hotel has an agreement with our Procuratorate, and the rent is not much.” Drake explained.

Bella was really tired and didn’t refuse anymore. She followed Drake and entered the hall.

Drake Bradley showed his ID. “I’m from the Discipline Inspection Institute. I want a presidential suite. Don’t register. I’ll stay for a month.”

“Yes.” The front desk swiped the card, handed it to Drake Bradley, and respectfully said, “It’s on the 18th floor, room No. 1829.”

“Inspector Bella, this way, please.” Drake Bradley walked ahead to the 18th floor.

There was a special room manager on the 18th floor, who was already standing at the elevator’s entrance to greet their guests.

“1829.” Drake Bradley said.

“This way, please.” The room manager smiled and took Bella to the door of the room and respectfully opened the door.

“Guests can dial 1800 if they want. We will serve you 24/7 hours. There are specific service items on the bedside table in the room. You can tell us if you have any requirements.” The room manager said softly.

The sound was pleasant and soft.

“Thank you,” Bella replied.

“Inspector Bella, I won’t disturb your rest. I’ll pick you at 8:00 tomorrow.” Drake Bradley said politely.

Bella nodded.

Drake Bradley left with a smile and closed the door.

Bella glanced at the presidential suite of the six-star hotel.

There were three rooms, a hall and an attached balcony with the suite.

One room was for sleeping, one was a bathroom, and another room was a fitness room, which has fitness equipment.

There was no bed in the living room. There was a big sofa. The opposite of the sofa was a 72 inch high-definition TV.

Next to the TV was the stereo, the main unit. One can play songs directly.

The back of the sofa had the wine cabinet, in which there were many precious wines.

The flowers in the room were picked up in the morning and were very fresh.

There was a computer in the bedroom, and there were condoms and other accessories on the bedside table.

On the side, there was a large wardrobe.

The bathroom was also very elegant, the bathtub was very large, two meters wide and two meters long just like a hot spring style, with all-round massage items. The cosmetics on the shelf were all branded, most of them were of Chanel.

It was above than luxury style hotel.

She took off her clothes, went into the bathtub and chose the mist bath and massage functions. Water vapor soon filled the bathtub, and she was submerged in the mist. The water column massage under the body was very comfortable.

Today, Bella understood why the rich likes to live in a six-star presidential suite.

From the attitude of other officers towards her, she felt that the problem wasn’t small. She has to work hard.

Bella closed her eyes and was confused when she heard the door opening sound. She opened her eyes.

In a second, the bathroom’s door was pushed open.

James Grayson looked at her in the bathtub.

He was surprised, his eyes deepened, it seemed like some waves were moving in them and he looked at her in an uncertain way, “Bella.”

Bella was also surprised, “James, why are you here?”