Chapter 146 From now on, I’ll protect you 2

David Wilson raised his mouth and looked at Emma Johnson, “Still want to go to America?”

“Yes, I want to go with you to take care of you.” Emma Johnson held David Wilson’s arm.

David Wilson walked towards the ticket office and unconsciously, he looked back at Bella.

She didn’t notice them and was busy reading quietly.

His heart had hundreds of emotions!


At 18:30, Bella reached Walem.

Walem Discipline Inspection Center sent some people to receive her.

Bella saw a man and a woman, looked at the board in their hand and saw her name. Bella walked towards them. “Hello, I’m Bella.”

“I didn’t expect Inspector Bella to be so beautiful. Our director has arranged a dinner for you. My name is Millie Bradley. You can call me Millie. His name is Drake Bradley.” Millie Bradley said warmly.

Bella smiled. “I troubled you to come and receive me.”

“No, it’s our duty. We are happy that Special Officer Bella came to our city, but whose investigation is the key?” Millie Bradley asked with a smile.

“Nothing important just wanted to have a look and investigate regularly. Part of the normal workflow.” Bella calmly replied Millie Bradley’s question.

Millie Bradley’s eyes twinkled, “The director told us about your arrival. It was out of blue. We didn’t know it in advance. We suspect that there must be a big mission and a target person.”

“Not specifically, I cannot say anything now, maybe after checking it out we will find something,” Bella said ambiguously.

They all sat in the car and went to the most distinctive hotel of Walem City, the moon tower.

“Moon tower is the oldest hotel in Walem city. There is a connecting tree in the hotel. It has a history of hundreds of years. Many young men and women come here to make wishes. It is said that it is very effective. Miss Bella is so young, I suspect she should not be married. Why don’t you try?” Millie Bradley said warmly.

Bella smiled. “Tell me about the big cases you have solved in recent years. I’m more interested in it.”

“Miss Bella is really a workaholic. Our Walem city is quite peaceful. The people are simple, they live and work in peace and contentment. It’s a city with a slow pace of life. By the way, you just came here. Let me introduce some famous streets and scenic spots here.” Millie Bradley looked out.

Bella nodded.

Millie Bradley’s personality was good, she was quite eloquent and smart. Obviously, Walem Discipline Inspection Center sent her to receive Bella.

However, Bella had some problems with her evasion and deliberate avoidance. She quietly looked at the ancient mysterious Walem City, and her eyes got covered with inexplicable gloom.


The car drove for half an hour and reached the moon watchtower.

There were only three people in the cabin.

Adam Finley, head of financial affairs of Walem procuratorate.

Jean Czerny, Judge of Walem procuratorate.

Luke Patrick, Head of Discipline Inspection Commission of Walem procuratorate.

Millie Bradley introduced Bella to them.

There were not many people, but they were the backbone of the Walem procuratorate.

“Our director hasn’t come yet?” Millie Bradley asked and helped Bella to be seated.

“The director is busy. It’s estimated that it will take half an hour to come over.” Luke Patrick explained with a smile.

“Then I’ll take Inspector Bella to the wishing tree to make a wish.” Millie Bradley led Bella to the tree in the courtyard.

The tree was covered with wooden cards, under which there were bells. There was a red light on the left and a street light on the right of the tree. The tree looked very beautiful.

“Ah, the name on this card is the same as yours.” Millie Bradley said excitedly and opened the card to read.

“Bella, I’m sorry. From now on, I’ll protect you.” Millie Bradley read it.