Chapter 145 From now on, I’ll protect you 1

The director gave her the plane ticket of 17:20 to Walem today. Bella went back to Johnson’s house to pack her luggage.

Emma Johnson didn’t go to work today. She saw Bella dragging her luggage and stopped Bella. “Where are you going?”

“I don’t need to report where I’m going. Get out of my way.” Bella said coldly.

“Today, David also going on a business trip to the United States. You are going with him?” Emma Johnson was both suspicious and panicked.

Bella smiled. “Emma, have you lost your mind? Where is your confidence? Where is your charm? Are you afraid that you will lose to a lady who has nothing?”

“How can I lose that? David set up a new company and gave it to me. I’m his lady and the head of the company. The company is now valued more than ten billion yuan. How can I be afraid that I’ll lose him to you?” Emma Johnson satirized, “I just want to remind you to not go beyond your limits.”

“Then you can live your life well. Don’t worry. As long as you don’t come against me, your life will be stable. I’m not interested in vandalizing.” Bella said went out and took a taxi.

Emma Johnson was still uneasy.

She drove and followed Bella.

David Wilson was very good to her. He gave her his company and doted on her. But, David Wilson did not have a relationship with her.

For many days, he didn’t come close to her. She also knew that David Wilson was not a man who can stay without such things. She hired the detectives to investigate, but they said David Wilson had no woman outside.

Emma thought that the only possible thing that might be feeding David Wilson can be Bella.

She followed Bella to the airport and called David Wilson.

“David, have you arrived at the airport?”

“On the way, I will reach in ten minutes. What’s the matter? Miss me?” David Wilson asked and smirked an evil smile.

“I want to go with you.” Emma Johnson said.

David Wilson’s eyes flashed a fret.

When he was with Bella, Bella didn’t ask anything. He can do what he wanted to. He doesn’t like to be stared at or haunted by women all the time.

Anyways, he just needed a little more time to execute his plan.

“Okay, I’ll ask someone to pick you up.” David Wilson looked out of the window.

“Okay, Muwah.” Emma Johnson hung up.

She bought a hat, put on her glasses and stared at Bella.

Bella was in a bookstore and having a look. She read the abstract of a book and liked it. She paid, took the book, went into the coffee shop, ordered coffee, and started reading her book.

Emma Johnson saw that Bella didn’t answer any phone call, that is to say, David Wilson didn’t call her. She said that she would go to America with him. If David Wilson had an appointment with Bella, she would definitely call Bella to alert her.

It seemed that she was thinking a lot.

“Why are you here?” David Wilson was surprised to see Emma Johnson.

Emma Johnson heard David Wilson’s voice, raised a sweet smile and took off his glasses. “I want to give you a surprise.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not surprised. I have sent someone to pick you up from home. If you’re not at home, whom they will pick up?” David Wilson taunted but the tone was a little heavy, he made a phone call, “No need to pick her.”

Suddenly, he saw Bella sitting in the coffee shop. The environment of the coffee shop was very nice. There was a lamp on the table. The golden light was falling on her delicate face and made her look more beautiful and more peaceful.

She looked like a beautiful piece of art.

David Wilson’s eyes flashed a cold light. He understood why Emma Johnson suddenly appeared at the airport and told him that she was at home. She was just testing him.