Chapter 144 Her new Beginning 2

Bella called Sierra Walker.

Sierra Walker said that she wanted to compensate for her loss, but at that time Bella refused.

People are like this, sometimes for something more important they left their ego.

Sierra Walker was surprised to see Bella calling her.

After all, Bella has been disappeared for two months. She has sent some people to check and got to know that Bella went to Richard Johnson’s house. She learned that Bella also had another identity, the daughter of Richard Johnson’s ex-wife.

She checked Bella’s past.

“Hello.” Sierra Walker said hello with a little hesitation.

“You said to me that I can come to you if I need help? Does that count?” Bella asked uncertainly.

“If it’s within my capabilities.” Sierra Walker promised.

“I’m working in Discipline Inspection now. I want to go to Walem City for an investigation of a case. This needs approval from a special director of the National Commission for Discipline Inspection. Can you do it for me?” Bella asked lightly.

“OK, it’s a small thing, and it’s harmless. I’ll call you in the afternoon after dealing with it.” Sierra Walker promised.

“Thank you.” Bella was about to hang up.

“James is still in touch with you?” Sierra Walker asked quickly.

James… Bella heard this name and her heart ached.

She lowered her eyes and said calmly, “He won’t contact me. Don’t worry, Mrs. Grayson.”

“He knows that we kidnapped you. From that day he doesn’t return home, he doesn’t attend our phone calls. Oscar went to the military region to find him, but he refused to meet him. I heard that he was going on another dangerous mission. He is going to play himself to death.” Sierra Walker said, and her tone showed her pain.

The pain in Bella’s heart deepened. She closed her eyes and tears flowed quietly across her cheeks.

If she had got this news about James Grayson two months ago she would be very desperate.

But now…

He is her only reason to become strong, to do hard-work and to desperately chase power.

“Madam, there is nothing I can do.” Bella’s words were still cold and clear, and there were no feelings at all. “Besides, I don’t know the meaning of your words.”

“It’s my fault I don’t know why I said this. I’m sorry. I’ll do your work and will contact you later.”

As soon as Sierra Walker’s voice fell, Bella hung up.

Sierra Walker knew her behavior was unreasonable. They hurt Bella so deeply and now wanted to do things for them? She should have thought reasonably.

At 11:00 am, Bella received a call from Sierra Walker.

“They have agreed. Ask your director to apply. You will get your approval letter today. Tomorrow you can go to Walem for Inspection.” Sierra Walker said with a smile.

“Thank you.” Bella’s tone was still cold.

She hung up and went directly to the director’s office.

“Sir, they agreed. You can apply.” Bella said a declarative sentence.

The director knew that Richard Johnson didn’t have the ability to let that man do his work so quickly. Behind this girl, there must be a more powerful person other than Richard Johnson.

He didn’t want to offend Bella nor wanted to ruin his own future. He immediately applied.

“I have contacted the Director of Discipline Inspection of the Walem city. Now I will ask someone to book your tickets. Tomorrow, someone will pick you up. If you have any information, please report it in time. I will try my best to cooperate with your work.” The director said politely.

Bella nodded and walked out of the director’s office.

She took the second step smoothly.

From now on, every step will make her closer to James Grayson!