Chapter 143 Her new Beginning 1

Bella went out.

David Wilson took her hand and headed for his car.

Bella was really upset. She shook off David Wilson’s hand and shouted, “David Wilson, what do you want?”

“What do you want? In this period of time, you shut yourself up in your room to study. You give up your job and career in order to go to the Discipline Inspection Center. What do you want to do with this job in discipline inspection?” David Wilson asked tentatively.

“What are you afraid of? Without you, everything has been good in my life.” Bella’s eyes were chilly.

“Don’t tell me that you want to inspect George Wilson?”

Bella turned away her face.

“Oh.” David Wilson chuckled and leaned on the door. “Bella, your ambition is not small, but don’t you think that you are beating a stone with an egg?

George Wilson is the head of the Discipline Inspection Commission. His single word can crush you to death. In addition to it, a small officer of discipline inspection does not the right to investigate against him.

Don’t be silly, George Wilson and Oscar Grayson are the two mountains that can’t be shaken.” David Wilson advised her.

“I don’t think I need to report anything to you.” Bella turned to go away.

David Wilson pressed the back of Bella’s head, moved closer and kissed Bella’s lips.

Bella got so angry that she slapped David Wilson in the face.

“I am telling you, I will do it,” Bella said confidently and walked forward.

David Wilson wiped the corners of his mouth. His eyes narrowed down and his eye-brows were locked. Even after the slightest touch of Bella’s lips, his whole body urged for her.

He wants her.

His mind, his heart and his body want her!


Bella went to the bathroom of Discipline Inspection Center, retouched her makeup and put her lipstick again.

There were not many people in the Discipline Inspection Center. The director introduced her to her subordinates, told her the pre-employment procedures and she completed the oat taking process.

Without wasting any time, Bella directly went to the director’s office.

“What’s the matter? Bella.” The director looked at Bella incomprehensibly.

“I remember that the Commission had a regulation on cross-city and cross-province discipline inspection and supervision,” Bella asked carefully.

“Indeed, In order to prevent local officials from protecting each other, we have such a rule.” The director nodded.

“I want you to transfer me to Walem.” Bella said confidently.

The director looked at Bella and doubted, “Do you have any information? Why do you want to go to Walem?”

Bella nodded, “Yes, I have information. If I go to Walem city and got successful in investigating something big, I will also count the achievements of the Director, what do you say?”

“It’s not up to me to transfer one person to supervise in another province or city. I have to apply for it to my superiors. Moreover, the officer should have also have a detailed reason for going to the designated province or city. Can you give me any solid reason for it?”

“To whom you have to apply, George Wilson?” Bella didn’t know about this process.

“This kind of thing doesn’t need permission from the Vice President. There is a special commission called the National Commission for Discipline Inspection for such permissions, I have to apply to its director.”

“So I can go there if the Director of the National Commission for Discipline Inspection agreed,” Bella asked.

“Yes, this is how it works. But his rank is the same as your father’s and he may not listen to your father.” Director’s words revealed that he knew Bella’s identity.

“I have to go out and make a phone call first.” Bella nodded and went out of the director’s office.

In childhood, she had read a story.

There was a young man who was blocked by a big stone. He pushed, levered and smashed the stone, but he could not move it away. Later, he had no choice but to call other people for help. With the help of many people, the stone was finally removed.

When life is in a desperate situation and you can’t solve it, you need to find someone to help you as much as possible.

Yes, we don’t know whether the other side will help us or not. But at least, when we try, we have hope.